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Hello: may we ask…

…a few ques­tions: how did you find us, what we are doing well, what we can do bet­ter?

We have just found out that more than 600 people are receiv­ing our feeds, but we only know-and just a bit- the 50–60 who leave com­ments and link to us. We enjoy hav­ing so many read­ers not just in the US but in Europe, the Mid­dle East, Asia, Australia…(thanks Google Ana­lyt­ics!).

Would you mind writ­ing a com­ment to allow us to learn about you and your inter­ests, and also include your feed­back for us? If you have a blog, please write the URL so we can pay a vis­it.

Enjoy the week­end, and thanks a lot for your time and atten­tion!

Car­o­line and Alvaro

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8 Responses

  1. Michael Jamison says:

    I lift weights and swim. Why not exer­cise my brain, too?

  2. Pierre dV says:

    I found you via the Cog­ni­tive Dai­ly link to the Encephalon sto­ry.

    I’m a lapsed physic­st and recov­er­ing tech­nol­o­gist try­ing to learn about cog­ni­tive sci­ence, and its appli­ca­tions to deci­sion mak­ing.

    My blog:

  3. BenP says:

    I a brain lover, so keep talk­ing about brain. I’m not help­ing you a lot !…

  4. Alvaro says:

    Thanks Michael, Pierre and Ben! we will keep writ­ing good stuff-and feel free to offer suggestions/ ask ques­tions.

    Pierre: you are famil­iar with Dama­sio’s work, right?

  5. Deb Peterson says:

    I’ve been tak­ing care of my moth­er, who has Alzheimer’s, for the past two years, and I’m espe­cial­ly inter­est­ed in any news about brain health and fit­ness. This is a very neat site!! I found you through Tech­no­rati and have sub­scribed to your feed.

  6. Alvaro says:

    Hi Deb, thanks. Have you checked the mate­ri­als pub­lished by the Alzheimer’s Foun­da­tion? they have some great guides with activ­i­ties you could be using with your moth­er.

    Regards-and feel free to ask any ques­tions.

  7. Pam Atwood says:

    Hel­lo! I met Dr. Gold­berg through my vol­un­teer work with New Eng­land Cog­ni­tive Cen­ter (I’m a mem­ber of their research com­mit­tee). Here at Hebrew Health Care in West Hart­ford CT we have a Brain GYMM site. As a geron­tol­o­gist, and as a demen­tia care specialist,I have diverse inter­ests in brain health. Was on the site today seek­ing info for a fam­i­ly request re: cog­ni­tive pro­grams for kids. I found you through Google. Thanks for your good work!

  8. Alvaro says:

    Hi Pam, nice to “meet” you!

    Yes, we know the grat work NECC is doing. Feel free to con­tact us with any feed­back or sug­ges­tion, and share your own expe­ri­ences.

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