Cogmed Working Memory Training (RoboMemo) Founder: Award for Dr. Torkel Klingberg

Dr. Torkel KlingbergWe want to con­grat­u­late Dr. Torkel Kling­berg, pro­fes­sor of cog­ni­tive neu­ro­science at the Karolin­s­ka Insti­tute and one of the founders of our part­ner Cogmed, on receiv­ing the Philip’s Nordic Prize for his research on work­ing mem­o­ry train­ing for chil­dren diag­nosed with Atten­tion Deficit Hyper­ac­tiv­i­ty Dis­or­der (ADHD).

The prize rec­og­nizes out­stand­ing research in the field of neu­ropsy­chi­a­try and was pre­sent­ed by the Nor­we­gian roy­al princess Martha Louise at the Rik­shos­pi­tal in Oslo, Nor­way. Trans­lat­ing his research into an active train­ing pro­gram, Kling­berg co-found­ed Cogmed, a devel­op­er of soft­ware-based work­ing mem­o­ry train­ing prod­ucts head­quar­tered in Stock­holm. Cogmed’s rig­or­ous and reward­ing pro­gram com­bines com­put­er-based train­ing and per­son­al coach­ing to help peo­ple with atten­tion deficits strength­en their work­ing mem­o­ries. More than 80 per­cent of chil­dren who have com­plet­ed Cogmed’s inten­sive five-week pro­gram have demon­strat­ed dra­mat­ic and last­ing improve­ments to their atten­tion, impulse con­trol and prob­lem solv­ing skills.

I am hon­ored and deeply grate­ful to receive this award, said Kling­berg. “It is a source of per­son­al joy to see these advances pos­i­tive­ly affect the lives of chil­dren who strug­gle with atten­tion deficits. This award will help con­tin­ue the impor­tant research on work­ing mem­o­ry train­ing being con­duct­ed at the Karolin­s­ka Institute.

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  1. Dr Soliman on April 4, 2007 at 12:01

    How can buy the program?

  2. Alvaro on April 4, 2007 at 8:53

    Dear Dr Soliman,

    If you are a clin­i­cal provider, you can become trained and cer­ti­fied to offer the program.

    If you are inter­est­ed as a poten­tial user, you need to find a clin­i­cal provider in your area. Will send you an email.

  3. Lisa West on January 18, 2008 at 7:59

    My Dr here in Jack­sonville is look­ing to get cer­tied on cogmed. He tried to con­tact some­one in New York and got no response. Where are you locat­ed and are you the only facil­i­ty in the states that does this train­ing? How does he pro­ceed and do you have upcom­ing dates that you can send me to for­ward to him.

    Thank you Lisa West
    (my daugh­ter is his patient)

  4. Caroline on January 18, 2008 at 10:30


    We ( are not Cogmed. We just cov­er the Brain Fit­ness field, includ­ing them. Here you have a link for your doc­tor to check out, I think there are over 70 clin­i­cians in the US so far offer­ing it

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