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Quick poll: 71% respondents would take an “annual mental check-up”

Reinforcing the results from the more extensive survey included in our new market report, 71% respondents to a quick LinkedIn poll we just run say they would  take a brief assessment every year as an “annual mental check-up.”

A few sample comments:

  • “Sure, why not? You take your car in for regular maintenance and assessments. Why shouldn’t we do that for ourselves? Besides, I’d like to make sure every so often, that I’m not falling into the “normal” category. Heaven forbid!”
  • “I would do it for myself, but not as part of my job or as an employment condition. It’s too “Big Brother”
  • “Would, of course, depend on the validity & reliability of the assessment tool.”
  • “I already know that I am ‘scrambled’ and I need no further confirmation of that reality!”
  • “I figure, no reason why not too, I wouldn’t want to be the one to pay for it though, as I could think of better ways to spend my money.”
  • “No, I wouldn’t. Obsessing about yourself just makes you unhappy.”

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