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Will consumer-led transcranial direct current stimulation revolutionize or hurt mental health?



Ther­a­py Borne on Elec­tri­cal Cur­rents (The New York Times):

…This is Thync, the lat­est in tran­scra­nial direct cur­rent stim­u­la­tion, or tDCS. The man­u­fac­tur­er says the device, to come out lat­er this year, can alter the user’s mood in min­utes via elec­tric cur­rent Read the rest of this entry »

Open question: Can coffee & Ritalin’s mental effects be delivered, safely, over a smartphone?



Will 2015 be the year our smart­phones link up to our brains? (Pop­u­lar Sci­ence):

Thync bills itself first and fore­most as a neu­ro­science com­pa­ny. Its sole product—slated for release lat­er this year—is a smart­phone-con­trolled wear­able device that will allow the user to active­ly alter his or her brain’s elec­tri­cal state through tran­scra­nial direct cur­rent stim­u­la­tion (tDCS). The big idea: Read the rest of this entry »

Next: Dealing with opportunities and challenges from mood-altering consumer wearables


CES: what would blow your mind — brain-zap­ping head­set or smart ket­tle? (Finan­cial Times):

A three-year-old start-up called Thync want­ed to strap a pro­to­type of its brain-zap­ping head­set to my tem­ples, with the inten­tion of alter­ing my mood. As wear­able devices go, it sound­ed a refresh­ing change from Read the rest of this entry »

Top 14 Brain Fitness News in 2014: Research, Assessments and Training

BrainFitnessTrajectoryUnless you live in a cave, you are well aware of all the grow­ing inter­est in–and con­tro­ver­sies around–the top­ics of brain fit­ness and brain train­ing.

A lit­tle per­spec­tive may help sep­a­rate the sig­nal from the noise. Take a minute to think about the ear­ly years of the phys­i­cal fit­ness move­ment. It took decades of con­flict­ing research and con­fus­ing media cov­er­age to final­ly spread the idea that dai­ly life activ­i­ties are far from suf­fi­cient to keep us phys­i­cal­ly fit. And, at the same time, to Read the rest of this entry »

Start-up Thync raises $13 million to market transcranial stimulation via consumer wearable

brain stimulation

Thync gets $13 mil­lion to send elec­tric cur­rents to your brain (SFGate):

Thync, a Los Gatos start­up, is work­ing on a wear­able that’s a lit­tle dif­fer­ent from most: it would send fine elec­tric cur­rents through the brain to alter users’ state of mind…some ven­ture cap­i­tal­ists are on-board with the unusu­al vision: on Wednes­day, it said it has raised $13 mil­lion from Khosla Ven­tures and oth­er investors.

Thync says it has cre­at­ed the first wear­able that uses “neu­rosig­nal­ing algo­rithms” to Read the rest of this entry »

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