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Study: Families’ Perspectives on ADHD and its Treatment

In 2005 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) began an initiative to promote an approach to care among its members in which “…the pediatric team works in partnership with a child and a child’s family to assure that all of the medical and non-medical needs of the patient are met.” A critically important focus of this approach is the role of the family and child – as developmentally appropriate – in the development of an overall plan of care.

This shared decision-making approach is especially important for conditions like ADHD where there is not a single treatment that is the most appropriate and preferred option for all patients. However, Read the rest of this entry »

Mindfulness Meditation for Adults & Teens with ADHD

We have talked about the value of meditation before (see Mindfulness and Meditation in meditationSchools), as a form of well-directed mental exercise than can help train attention and emotional self-regulation.  Which other studies have shown how it strengthens specific parts of the brain, mainly in the frontal lobe.

Dr. Rabiner shares with us, below, an excellent review of a new study that analyzes the benefits of mindfulness for adolescents and adults with attention deficits. He writes that “although this is clearly a preliminary study, the results are both interesting and encouraging.”

– Alvaro

Does Mindfulness Meditation Help Adults & Teens with ADHD

— By Dr. David Rabiner

Although medication treatment is effective for many individuals with ADHD, including adolescents adults, there remains an understandable need to explore and develop interventions that can complement or even substitute for medication. This is true for a variety of reasons including:
1) Not all adults with ADHD benefit from medication.
2) Among those who benefit, many have residual difficulties that need to be addressed via other means.
3) Some adults with ADHD experience adverse effects that prevent them from remaining on medication.

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Brain Exercise and Brain Fitness July Monthly Digest

We often are told that we offer too much content for you to read given various time pressures… but it is tough for us to write less given the wealth of areas we cover around cognitive and emotional training.

To make your life easier (and please feel free to give us feedback!), what we will do is to offer a Monthly Digest of Most Popular Blog Posts. Today, August 1st, we will list the most popular July posts. Consider it your monthly Brain Exercise Magazine 🙂

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Attention Deficits

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