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Update: Brain teasers and brain fitness tips to improve attention and memory in 2016

3_BRAINSDear Sharp­Brains friend,

Time for Sharp­Brains’ Decem­ber e‑newsletter…and we are hon­ored to announce that the Japan­ese edi­tion of The Sharp­Brains Guide to Brain Fit­ness just became avail­able, and is doing well! (more below)

Let us wish you Hap­py Hol­i­days and Hap­py New Year, and share a few resources and insights that may come handy in 2016.

Resources to enhance brain fitness in 2016:

New brain research:

Take-aways from the 2015 SharpBrains Virtual Summit:


Meanwhile, in Japan…


Best wish­es for a sharp, healthy and hap­py 2016!

The Sharp­Brains Team

Unlocking Dyslexia in Japanese

Great arti­cle in the Wall Street Jour­nal today: Unlock­ing Dyslex­ia in Japan­ese. Quotes:

- “Expe­ri­ences like that of the Lun­days are pro­vid­ing sci­en­tists and edu­ca­tors with clues about how peo­ple with dyslex­ia learn and how best to teach them. Researchers have long observed that some dyslex­i­cs have an eas­i­er time with lan­guages like Japan­ese and Chi­nese, in which char­ac­ters rep­re­sent com­plete words or ideas, than they Read the rest of this entry »

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