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Driving with satellite navigation contributes to inattentional blindness

Satellite Navigations Could Blind Drivers On Road (BioScholar):

“Driving with a satellite navigation can make you blind to pedestrians, because trying to hold an image of the screen in your mind makes you ignore what is in front of your eyes, a new study has revealed. Focusing on Read the rest of this entry »

Brain Games: Attention Challenge

(hat tip: Mind Hacks).

basketballPlease try this experiment, conceived by Simons and Chabris for their now classic study, and now packaged in a nicer video production. You will watch a brief video clip showing two teams, and your challenge is to count the TOTAL number of times that the basketballs change hands.

Click Here to view the Basketball Experiment clip.

You can read about the fascinating results here, and read the full study on sustained inattentional blindness (PDF).

Credit for pic: Haines World

#2. Classic attention experiment (1-minute video)

Let’s try this fun experiment, conceived by Simons and Chabris for their classic study on sustained inattentional blindness.

–>You will watch a brief video clip, and your challenge is to count how many times that the players wearing white pass the basketball. 



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