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The future is already hereit’s just not evenly distributed” — writer and futurist William Gibson

If you work at, compete with, or learn from, any of the companies below, you may want to PervasiveNeurotech_3Dcover_widgetknow what they are up to and why, via SharpBrains’ objective and independent market reports. Which are available at discounted price until the end of tomorrow Thursday, March 31st.

1) Neurotech report & Infographic: Pervasive Neurotechnology: A Groundbreaking Analysis of 10,000+ Patent Filings Transforming Medicine, Health, Entertainment and Business

Leading non-invasive neurotech patent holders (*Detailed IP portfolio profile included within report): Read the rest of this entry »

10 Neurotechnologies About to Transform Brain Enhancement and Brain Health


30,000+ scientists and professionals gathered for the annual Society for Neuroscience conference in Chicago last month, proving the growing interest and activities to better understand the inner workings of the human brain, and to discover ways and technologies to enhance its health and performance.

Now, which of all those ongoing efforts are closer to touching our lives, to empower consumers, patients and health professionals? Read the rest of this entry »

Brainlab ranked #5 Holder of Pervasive Neurotech Intellectual Property*

brainlab logoBrainlab is a German healthcare innovation company that develops a wide array of technologies for the planning and guidance of surgery and radiosurgery.  Such products are designed to continuously track surgical instruments in relation to anatomical orientation in order to provide surgeons the tools needed to complete a routine or complex procedure.  Their primary product groups include Read the rest of this entry »

First-ever Pervasive Neurotechnology Report finds 10,000+ Patent Filings Transforming Medicine, Entertainment and Business

— Nielsen, Advanced Neuromodulation Systems, Medtronic, Microsoft and Brainlab emerge as leading IP holders

Pervasive Neurotechnology Infographic 430wide


San Francisco, CA– (May 6, 2015) – SharpBrains, the leading market research firm tracking applied neuroscience, unveiled today–at the 2015 NeuroGaming Summit–a new 206-page report that, for the first time, analyzes the major intellectual property trends in the Pervasive Neurotechnology industry: non-invasive, potentially ubiquitous neurotechnologies, commercially viable outside major medical institutions or research facilities.

“Through this report’s wide and deep analysis, SharpBrains has made another key contribution to our understanding of the tools and technologies that are at the forefront of the global neurotechnology industry, and at the forefront of technology overall,” highlights Zack Lynch, Executive Director and Founder of the Neurotechnology Industry Organization.

Over the past two years Read the rest of this entry »

Upcoming market report on Pervasive Neurotechnology

market reportJust a quick heads-up to the SharpBrains community: we are wrapping up a comprehensive market report on Pervasive Neurotechnologies (non-invasive, scalable, potentially ubiquitous). To learn when it becomes available, keep tuned via our e-Newsletter.

See below, in alphabetical order, a few of the organizations to be profiled in the report, given their relevant intellectual property portfolios (primarily patents). Read the rest of this entry »

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