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10 Solvers selected @ MIT Solve’s Brain Health Challenge

Winners of the 2017 Brain Health Challenge by MIT Solve, selected on September 17th, 2017


Yesterday, after a day of great pitches and tough decisions, the Judges @ MIT Solve’s Brain Health Challenge selected 10 Winners (called “Solvers”) developing scalable technology solutions that Read the rest of this entry »

Two Alvaros leading brain health @ BrainFutures 2017

— Álvaro Fernández Ibáñez (left) and Álvaro Pascual-Leone (right), speaking yesterday at BrainFutures 2017

Keynoting a fantastic conference, Álvaro Pascual-Leone presented an overview of Neuromodulation and Neurostimulation, and Álvaro Fernández Ibáñez discussed the future of Brain Health and Enhancement building on the slidedeck below.

Exciting times!

Hundreds of science labs and companies around the globe are researching and developing new ways to help brain owners be smarter, sharper and healthier. What explains this flurry of activity, and where may it be headed? Which companies, technologies and solutions are gaining the most traction so far, and what are some of the best practices for appropriate use?

Reminder: The Future of Brain Health and Enhancement, September 6-7th in Washington, DC


BrainFutures 2017 is a one-and-a-half-day conference featuring renowned leaders sharing research-to-practice innovation to optimize brain health and transform mental health care. Keynote speakers include Dr. Norman Doidge, Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Dr. John Ratey, Dr. Adam Gazzaley, Alvaro Fernandez, and more. The conference is certified to offer CEU and CME credits.

Preliminary Agenda announced @ 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit: Brain Enhancement in the Digital Age

Will we soon have an “annual brain check-up” — and what may it look like? Under what conditions may specific brain training/ enhancement methods work? How can we best harness both human neuroplasticity and artificial intelligence (AI) to thrive in the 21st Century? Which companies, technologies and solutions are gaining the most traction so far, and what are some best practices for appropriate use?

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Debate: Would you–or should you–undergo medical treatments to improve your body and mind and your chances of employment?

The future of work is medically enhanced ‘elite super-workers,’ report says (Ladders):

“In the future, we will be competing against medically-enhanced workers who can work longer and harder than us. Artificial intelligence will make it easier to monitor our every move in the office. This may sound like science fiction, but it’s a likely reality, according to a new report by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers…Seventy percent of the workers surveyed said that they would undergo treatments to improve their body and mind if it would improve their chances of employment. Read the rest of this entry »

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