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Some recent brain training and health news: Monkey memory

1) A Promising Debut for Computerized Therapies

2) Fitness protects brain in Alzheimer’s patients

3) Brain Fitness Program Classic comes to Mac

4) Posit Science gains ownership of Scientific Learning (NSDQ: SCIL) BrainConnection.

5) Brain training on your mobile

6) You must remember this: how the mind works

Here you have the links and my commentary for these news: Read the rest of this entry »

Reminder: sweepstakes with FREE brain training give-aways

This promotion ends April 16th-so make sure you enter if you want to have the chance to win some nice mind and brain exercise for free.


Some weeks we were contacted by Sony Pictures to provide the Grand Prize for one of their Sweepstakes programs, for just-released Sandra Bullock’s Premonition movie.

We were happy to put together a complete Brain Fitness Kit, something like a boot camp for the brain (a “brain camp”?), which you can get FOR FREE. The kit is composed of:

– One (1) Complete Mental Workout Software program (MindFit) that helps train memory and other skills (ARV: $149.00)
– One (1) Stress Management Biofeedback program (Freeze-Framer) (ARV: $320.00)
– One (1) Exercise Your Brain DVD (ARV: $20.00)
– One (1) Brain Fitness 101 eBook ($12.00)

– Five (5) private phone-based sessions with our Brain Coach (you will hear more about this soon) (ARV: $350.00)
If you want the chance to win this Prize, together with a $1,000 check, you can simply visit Premonition Expect the Unexpected Sweepstakes program and fill in your details. There is no cost associated with this promotion. This is why you are seeing banners in this site for the first time.

Good luck!

Is it necessary to train under the supervision of a doctor or other specialist?

Fitness TrainerHere is question 11 of 25 from Brain Fitness 101: Answers to Your Top 25 Questions. To download the complete version, please click here

Is it necessary to train under the supervision of a doctor or other specialist?

Key Points:

  • Recreational activities have always been done for fun either socially or independently.
  • Most computer-based software programs are intended for you to use on your own computer when it suits you. Think exercise and fitness, not medicine.
  • A few programs used for people with medical conditions may be supervised or reviewed by the treating neuropsychologist, physician, or other healthcare personnel.

Answer: Read the rest of this entry »

Brain Fitness Blog Carnival #1

Brain Fitness CarnivalWelcome to the inaugural edition of the Brain Fitness Blog Carnival. The timing couldn’t be better  you have probably seen the featured CBS News/TIME Series on Brain Neuroplasticity.

Thanks to the over 40 people who submitted posts. We have had to select the posts we enjoyed the most to help facilitate an engaging and informed conversation.

Learning is physical. Our experience literally shapes our brains. And vice versa. The media seems to be focusing mostly on brain fitness for seniors, but its implications go beyond that, as you will see in this post by Caroline: What is Brain Fitness?, and the articles in this carnival.

Science-based understanding is evolving from “Use it or Lose It” to “Use It and Improve It.”  As Fast Company’s Alan Deutschman provocatively puts it in his last book, Change or Die. We couldn’t agree more with his summary recommendation: “Relate. Repeat. Reframe.” Alan presents a blog article announcing his book (here is his original article). Read the rest of this entry »

Brain based coaching for brain fitness: Head Coach

You may have seen our last and excellent post, Train Your Brain: Get a Head Coach, and wondered, have Caroline and Alvaro become Head Coaches now?

Rest assured. We haven’t.

Please welcome our Head Coach, Neal Cohen, Psy.D. Neal is a licensed clinical psychologist Read the rest of this entry »

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