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Beam Riders, MyCognition, The Touchpoint Solution: Top Brainnovations to boost Workplace Productivity and Resilience

Top Brain­no­va­tion to boost Work­place Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty and Resilience (record­ing requires reg­is­tra­tion; view slid­edeck Here)The three Final­ists were:

  • Beam Rid­ers – pitch by Jafar Sab­bah, Founder & CEO
  • MyCog­ni­tion – pitch by Mar­ti­na Rat­to, Cog­ni­tive Sci­en­tist
  • The Touch­point Solu­tion (WINNER) – pitch by Dr. Amy Serin, Neu­ropsy­chol­o­gist & Co-Founder
  • Judged by: Ariel Garten, Founder and Chief Evan­ge­lism Offi­cer at Inter­aX­on; Char­lie Hartwell, Oper­at­ing Part­ner at Bridge Builders Col­lab­o­ra­tive; Kath­leen Herath, Asso­ciate Vice Pres­i­dent Health & Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty at Nation­wide Insur­ance; Lisa Neu­berg­er, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of Strat­e­gy + Inno­va­tion at Accen­ture Cor­po­rate Cit­i­zen­ship

Slid­edeck sup­port­ing ses­sion held dur­ing the 2017 Sharp­Brains Vir­tu­al Sum­mit: Brain Health & Enhance­ment in the Dig­i­tal Age (Decem­ber 5–7th). All ses­sion record­ings avail­able for pur­chase (50+ Speak­ers, 15+ Hours, $150).

Brainnovations to boost Workplace Productivity and Resilience @ 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit


Quick heads-up:  The 2017 Sharp­Brains Vir­tu­al Sum­mit start­ing tomor­row Tues­day, Decem­ber 5th will host a Brainnova­tions Pitch Con­test to dis­cuss the lat­est tech­nolo­gies for Brain Health & Enhance­ment, and 12 select­ed star­tups will get to pitch their inno­v­a­tive approach and solu­tions to our dis­tin­guished Judges –our very own “Sharp Tank”– and to all Sum­mit par­tic­i­pants. Read the rest of this entry »

14 new Speakers, including Rutger’s April Benasich and EMOTIV’s Olivier Oullier, at the 2017 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (December 5–7th)

Proud to announce excel­lent addi­tions to the stel­lar Speak­er Ros­ter at the upcom­ing 2017 Sharp­Brains Vir­tu­al Sum­mit: Brain Health & Enhance­ment in the Dig­i­tal Age (Decem­ber 5–7th).

As direc­tor of the Infan­cy Stud­ies Lab­o­ra­to­ry at the Rut­gers Cen­ter for Mol­e­c­u­lar and Behav­ioral Neu­ro­science,  Dr. April Bena­sich’s research focus­es on brain devel­op­ment in infan­cy and ear­ly child­hood, specif­i­cal­ly the neur­al process­es nec­es­sary for nor­mal lan­guage and cog­ni­tive devel­op­ment. She uses a mix of cut­ting-edge tech­nolo­gies, includ­ing mea­sure­ment of audi­to­ry evoked brain poten­tials (EEG/ERPs) and nat­u­ral­ly sleep­ing MRI/fMRI, that add con­verg­ing non­in­va­sive phys­i­o­log­i­cal mea­sures to her lab’s exten­sive behav­ioral bat­tery.

Dr. Olivi­er Oul­li­er, just appoint­ed as the new Pres­i­dent of EMOTIV, is a neu­ro­sci­en­tist, strate­gist, and con­trib­u­tor to For­tune Mag­a­zine, He is the for­mer Head of Strat­e­gy in Glob­al Health and Health­care and Mem­ber of the Exec­u­tive Com­mit­tee of the World Eco­nom­ic Forum, where he was in charge of an inter­na­tion­al project on val­ue-based care involv­ing more than 50 glob­al com­pa­nies and orga­ni­za­tions. Olivi­er is a Full Pro­fes­sor of Behav­ioral and Brain Sci­ences at Aix-Mar­seille Uni­ver­si­ty and taught at the Uni­ver­si­ties of Oxford and Geneva’s exec­u­tive edu­ca­tion pro­grams.

And, pitch­ing the lat­est think­ing and solu­tions for brain health and per­for­mance, dur­ing the Brainnova­tions Pitch Con­test we will see (you can check out their bios here): Read the rest of this entry »

News: 12 Finalists named to take part in the Brainnovations Pitch Contest (December 6th, 2017)

Proud and excit­ed to announce the 12 ground­break­ing star­tups that will get to pitch their idea and solu­tions at the Brainnova­tions Pitch Con­test on Decem­ber 6th, host­ed dur­ing Day 2 of the 2017 Sharp­Brains Vir­tu­al Sum­mit (Decem­ber 5–7th).

These are the 12 select­ed Final­ists, togeth­er with their sum­ma­ry ele­va­tor pitch. Please join us in cel­e­brat­ing their work so far and in wish­ing them all the best at the pitch con­test!

Finalists for Top Brainnovation to measure Brain Health & Performance

  • Savonix (USA): “The Savonix Mobile plat­form has tru­ly rev­o­lu­tion­ized access to cog­ni­tive data and is poised to trans­form how the med­ical com­mu­ni­ty will use mobile plat­forms and tech­nol­o­gy to gen­er­ate crit­i­cal insights into the cog­ni­tive sta­tus of each indi­vid­ual in the future.”
  • HealthTech Con­nex (Cana­da): “What if the world had a brain vital sign? HealthTech Con­nex has devel­oped and val­i­dat­ed the world’s first objec­tive, phys­i­o­log­i­cal brain vital sign tech­nol­o­gy, Neu­ro­CatchTM, mak­ing it pos­si­ble to trans­late com­plex brain waves into read­i­ly avail­able and eas­i­ly under­stand­able mark­ers of brain health.”
  • Neu­raMetrix (USA): “Neu­raMetrix mea­sures brain health using a dig­i­tal bio-mark­er based on con­sis­ten­cy of typ­ing cadence. It is pas­sive, inde­pen­dent of lan­guage, cul­ture and edu­ca­tion and does not require tests or spe­cial equip­ment, sen­sors, gross motor skills or physi­cian inter­ac­tion.”

Finalists for Top Brainnovation to improve Brain Health & Performance

  • Click Ther­a­peu­tics (USA): “Click­EFMT is a dig­i­tal pro­gram for the treat­ment of Major Depres­sive Dis­or­der. The pro­gram is dosed 3x a week over the course of 6 weeks, and has shown ~45% reduc­tion in MDD symp­toms in two peer-reviewed ran­dom­ized, con­trolled tri­als against an active con­trol which showed a ~25% reduc­tion.”
  • AUG­MEN­Tx (USA): “AUG­MEN­Tx’s aug­ment­ed real­i­ty enabled neu­ro­mod­u­la­to­ry reha­bil­i­ta­tion ther­a­py aims to accel­er­ate neu­ro­log­i­cal recov­ery from stroke and trau­mat­ic limb ampu­ta­tions. The team’s vision is to make the ther­a­py avail­able to all stroke and limb ampu­ta­tion patients around the world at an afford­able cost.”
  • Sin­cro­lab (Spain): “Sin­cro­lab is an eHealth com­pa­ny that devel­ops Smart Cog­ni­tive Solu­tions to mon­i­tor and design Per­son­al­ized Cog­ni­tive Train­ings through Mobile Appli­ca­tions for patients with cog­ni­tive impair­ments. Sin­cro­lab is based on the spe­cif­ic cog­ni­tive pro­file of each Patient, adapt­ing to them dai­ly.”

Finalists for Top Brainnovation harnessing Big Data

  • Myn­dY­ou (Israel): “Myn­dY­ou opti­mizes care for seniors with mild cog­ni­tive impair­ment by aid­ing clin­i­cians in track­ing and address­ing Alzheimer’s and oth­er types of Demen­tia. Myn­dY­ou com­bines remote inter­ac­tion, a seam­less mon­i­tor­ing app, ana­lyt­ics, and AI to indi­vid­u­al­ize care based on defin­i­tive and objec­tive data.”
  • WEKIT — Wear­able Expe­ri­ence for Knowl­edge Inten­sive Train­ing (6 EU coun­tries): “We pio­neer using AR & wear­ables to aug­ment human per­for­mance & to capture/refine/share knowl­edge & expe­ri­ences. We try out knowl­edge-inten­sive train­ing using HoloLens. Larg­er AR mar­kets (eg iPhone X) are com­ing. Also AI & brain health mar­kets (eg ways to com­pen­sate for fail­ing mem­o­ries & skills.”
  • Sapi­en Labs (USA): “Sapi­en Labs is a non prof­it that seeks to accel­er­ate solu­tions for brain health by build­ing the largest glob­al­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tive open access data­base and research plat­form for human EEG with strin­gent data stan­dards to enable large scale analy­sis of the human brain.”

Finalists for Top Brainnovation to boost Workplace Productivity & Resilience

  • Beam Rid­ers (USA): “Beams is the world’s first ded­i­cat­ed mobile cross-plat­form app designed by Beam Rid­ers to help cor­po­ra­tions boost their employ­ees’ inno­va­tion and cre­ative think­ing skills through fun games and quizzes based on neu­rocog­ni­tive research.”
  • MyCog­ni­tion (UK): “Poor cog­ni­tion is a major pre­dic­tor of men­tal ill­ness, main cause of absen­teeism in the work­place. MyCog­ni­tion PRO is the only app for employ­ees allow­ing to under­stand, mea­sure, mon­i­tor and improve cog­ni­tive fit­ness in an engag­ing and per­son­alised way with a self-admin­is­tered, blend­ed pro­gramme.”
  • The Touch­point Solu­tion (USA): “What if you could low­er stress by 71% in 30 sec­onds any­time, any­where? Cost-effec­tive, non-inva­sive Touch­Points neu­ro­science wear­ables rep­re­sent next-gen life enhancement…improve focus, per­for­mance, calm, sen­so­ry inte­gra­tion, and onset of sleep with BLAST tech­nol­o­gy and live your best life.”

– This is the Brain­no­va­tions Judg­ing Panel…our very own “Sharp Tank”

On Decem­ber 6th, 2017, each Final­ist will have 10 min­utes to pitch and 5 min­utes for Q&A from the Judges and oth­er Sum­mit par­tic­i­pants.

Read the rest of this entry »

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