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To stimulate your brain, find new ways to challenge yourself every day

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For Effective Brain Fitness, Do More Than Play Simple Games (The New York Times):

“…Legions of baby boomers already use computers or apps to stimulate the brain, but they should be thought of as part of a larger engagement with the world…Finding new ways to challenge yourself every day, Mr. Rebok said, is a good idea. This can include lots of ordinary activities like doing mental calculations rather than reaching for a calculator, or taking a new driving route or eating with the opposite hand…

Mr. Fernandez of SharpBrains said he would like to see a more systematic way to measure cognition, such as annual mental health checkups. “If we had better assessments, we could empower consumers,” he said. “That’s the next frontier.”

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Out: crossword puzzles. In: digital cognitive assessments and training

brain_mindDo brain games work? (The Boston Globe):

“There’s intense interest?—?and the potential for big money?—?in the world of brain games. Lumosity…claims 60 million users…The market for Lumosity and competitors like Cogmed and Posit Science is growing 25 percent a year, according to SharpBrains, a neuro-wellness research firm. Read the rest of this entry »

Who will be the personal brain trainers of the future?

brainBrain-fitness industry caters to worried boomers (Crain’s):

“Mr. Fernandez…compares the brain-fitness industry of today with the physical-fitness industry of half a century or more ago. Whereas once there were no health clubs or personal trainers, today they’re ubiquitous. “Who will be the personal brain trainers of the future?” he says. “Are they going to be doctors, life coaches, neuropsychologists? Will health clubs Read the rest of this entry »

Brain training works: Study finds 10-year benefit from 10-hour training

Brain TrainingBrain training helped older adults stay sharp for years -study (Reuters):

  • “A brief course of brain exercises helped older adults hold on to improvements in reasoning skills and processing speed for 10 years after the course ended, according to results from the largest study ever done on cognitive training.  Read the rest of this entry »

From Anti-Alzheimer’s “Magic Bullets” to True Brain Health

If you followed latest headlines surrounding the release of the National Alzheimer’s Plan, you’d probably conclude that the likely solution to maintain lifelong brain health is simple: simply wait until 2025 for a “magic bullet” to be discovered, to cure (or end or prevent) Alzheimer’s disease and aging associated cognitive decline. These kinds of beliefs, often reinforced by doctors and advertising, may explain the billions spent today by pharma companies on discovering new compounds, and by consumers on supplements like ginkgo biloba. But Read the rest of this entry »

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