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The Virtual Brain Web Atlas: How the Mind emerges from the Brain


The Vir­tu­al Brain Web Atlas by the Human Brain Project offers a beau­ti­ful way to explore the anato­my of brain regions and brain func­tions.

Feel free to enjoy this inter­ac­tive 3D mod­el to learn much about our brains and our minds!

About the Human Brain Project:

The Human Brain Project aims to put in place a cut­ting-edge research infra­struc­ture that will allow sci­en­tif­ic and indus­tri­al researchers to advance our knowl­edge in the fields of neu­ro­science, com­put­ing, and brain-relat­ed med­i­cine. The 10-year Project began in 2013 and direct­ly employs some 500 sci­en­tists at more than 100 uni­ver­si­ties, teach­ing hos­pi­tals, and research cen­tres across Europe.

–> Oth­er inter­ac­tive 3‑D anatom­i­cal brain atlases avail­able HERE.

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