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Combining Google Glass and mobile EEG headsets

PND-With-Glass-Front-1Personal Neuro Seeks to Combine Google Glass with EEG (Medgadget):

“What do you get when you mix Google Glass and EEG? That’s the question that the people at Ottawa-based Personal Neuro (Devices) are on their way to answering…Medgadget: How does this compare to existing commercial EEG systems from companies such as Interaxon, NeuroSky, and Emotiv?

Denison: PND has taken an “apps first” approach. Starting with developing apps for the first mobile EEG headset for Android & iPhone, the MindWave Mobile, PND has focused on 1) building neuroapps which incorporate PND algorithms and technology, 2) understanding users’ requirements, 3) building a growing base of users and customers, and 4) leveraging neuroscience/neurofeedback research to develop specialized mobile treatment options…

MedgadgetWhat is the most significant obstacle in terms of combining EEG and Google Glass technologies?

Denison: For PND the most difficult challenge is the analysis of the pure volume derived from and highly complex nature of the EEG signal and subsequent display and storage of information that is useful for a wearer of Glass.  Each application is different and distinct and it’s a challenge to work out how best to best solve problems for a Glass user with context sensitive and meaningful information.

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