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Necomimi Available in USA: gaming application of NeuroSky EEG technology with wellness potential

Much Anticipated Necomimi Launches in the US (press release):

“A concept born in Japan by Neurowear, a fashion electronics company, Necomimi’s popularity skyrocketed within the anime and costume communities…Necomimi is a headband with cat ears that move according to the user’s feelings and emotions in real time. Necomimi, powered by NeuroSky’s ThinkGear technology, gives people a chance to express their moods in a real-time, unique way…Three emotional states create cat-like reactive movements that show how interested or relaxed the wearer is.  When something catches the user’s attention, the ears shoot straight up.  When the wearer is relaxed, the ears droop down.  When both highly focused and highly relaxed –or “in the zone” — the ears will wiggle back and forth.”

To learn more:

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  1. Robin says:

    I don’t know if “Necomimi” is the correct name of this product as it is marketed, but i would like to say that in Japanese, cat or “Neko” is properly romanized with a K and not a C. Neko is cat and Mimi is ear in Japanese.

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