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Nova Vision: Brain Training Product Review Survey

As part of our ongo­ing mar­ket research we’d like to ask past and cur­rent users of Nova Vision prod­ucts to share their expe­ri­ence with us via this 3-question anony­mous sur­vey. Please take this sur­vey if you have used a Nova Vision prod­uct your­self or have seen some­one else use it.

Take this 3-question Survey

Please note that we do not endorse this prod­uct (or any other) or any of the claims below. We inde­pen­dently track and ana­lyze emerg­ing brain/ cog­ni­tive sci­ence, tech­nol­ogy and inno­va­tion, and their real-world appli­ca­tions. This sur­vey helps us learn more about the latter.

Com­pany name: Nova Vision.

Com­pany descrip­tion (in their own words, in their own web­site): “NovaVision, Inc. develops medical devices based on its platform technology which uses the eyes as conduits to deliver light-based stimuli to the brain for treatment of a variety of conditions that may respond to such stimulation.”

Main prod­uct name/s: NovaVision VRT – for all ages.

Prod­uct descrip­tion (in their own words, in their own web­site): “Nova Vision VRT is specifically developed for patients who suffer from a visual field deficit resulting from a neurological trauma caused by either stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI).   It is a home-based program performed in the comfort of your home on a computer device.  During a 30-minute session, you will focus on a central point on the device screen and respond whenever you see a light stimulus appear. Any type of rehabilitation, after a stroke or brain injury, regular practice is important and with Vision Restoration Therapy a patient can actually enhance visual field loss if done persistently by an average of 5°.  In a retrospective study, 88% of VRT patients have mentioned receiving at least one significant benefit as a result of performing VRT, such as improved reading, mobility, and social comfortability¹.  VRT can help recover Hemianopia, Quadrantanopia and, Scotoma type of vision loss, which are common after a stroke or TBI.”

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