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The Hermann grid optical illusion, explained

In this image, do you see something other than black and white? Does it matter if you look directly at one of the black blocks, vs. at one of the intersections?

Hermann Grid

While there are really only black blocks and white spaces in the grid, the high contrast black and white areas fool the eyes into perceiving a gray circle at each intersection. The illusion results from Read the rest of this entry »

Quick, interactive brain teaser to test your concentration and cognitive flexibility

Here is a fun and interactive version of the famous Stroop test, often used in neu­ropsy­cho­log­i­cal eval­u­a­tions to mea­sure response inhibition and cognitive flex­i­bil­ity. Performing well on the test requires strong concentration and self-regulation. Read the rest of this entry »

Test your concentration and mental self-rotation skills with this quick brainteaser


What is mental self-rotation?

It is the cognitive skill to imagine yourself in different locations in space and to imagine yourself moving accordingly. We need that skill in everyday activities such as reading a map or finding our car in the parking lot. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick brain teaser for kids and adults: Your answer, please?

In which direction is the bus pictured below traveling?

school bus attention game

Do you know the answer?

The only possible answers are “left” or “right.”

Still don’t know?

Keep reading for the answer and explanation… Read the rest of this entry »

Brain teaser to test your cognitive abilities…and biases


Please con­sider Linda, a 31-year-old woman, sin­gle and bright. When she was a stu­dent, in high school and in col­lege too, she was deeply involved in social jus­tice issues, and also par­tic­i­pated in environmental protests. Which is more prob­a­ble about Linda’s occu­pa­tion today? Read the rest of this entry »

Brain Teaser: Words in your brain, learn as you exercise!

Temporal lobe Frontal LobeDo you know where words are stored in your brain…?

In your temporal lobe! (in green on this profile view of the right side of your brain).

As you know your brain has two sides (two hemispheres) connected by the corpus callosum. So you have one temporal lobe on each side of the brain.

If you are right-handed, your language is stored mostly in your left temporal lobe. If you are left-handed, you are not so lateralized and your language is stored a bit on both sides of your brain in the temporal lobes.

Words in the brain are not stored randomly. They seemed to be quite organized. Research has shown that words that are often heard together (such as salt and pepper) or words that share some meaning (such as nurse and doctor) are connected or associated in the brain. Once you hear one, the other is activated.

Here is a brain exercise whose aim is to stimulate the connections or associations between words in your temporal lobe.

In the left column you have a Read the rest of this entry »

Brain Health Newsletter, March Edition

We hope you are enjoying Brain Awareness Week this week and hopefully thinking a little more about your brain and brain fitness! Below you have the Brain Fitness Newsletter we sent a few days ago. You can subscribe to this monthly email update in the box on the the top of this page.

We have had another busy month behind us, and we’re looking forward to Brain Awareness Week March 12-18. Keep reading for the details (including a special offer in honor of Brain Awareness Week) …

I. Press Coverage
II. Events
III. Program Reviews
IV. New Offerings
V. Website and Blog Summary, including brain teasers

Read the rest of this entry »

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