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The future of intuitive technology and neurocognitive care?

accelespellEnvi­sion­ing The Future With Inven­tor Cori Lathan (NPR): “Com­put­ers were cre­ated to be use­ful tools, but all too often it’s still a chore to get tech­nol­ogy to do our bidding…For exam­ple, work­ing as an engi­neer with astro­nauts at NASA, Lathan real­ized that the phys­i­cal chal­lenges of liv­ing in space in some ways mir­ror the chal­lenges of liv­ing with a dis­abil­ity on Earth.Build­ing on that insight, she invented a play­ful robot that could help make it eas­ier for chil­dren with cere­bral palsy to get through phys­i­cal ther­apy. She and her team also came up with a glove-based inter­face so that sol­diers could move their hands and com­mu­ni­cate word­lessly while on night patrol. And after that came a game­like test to help fig­ure out in the field whether a sol­dier has suf­fered a trau­matic brain injury…”

Rel­e­vant recent study: Defense Auto­mated Neu­robe­hav­ioral Assess­ment (DANA)-Psychometric Prop­er­ties of a New Field-Deployable Neu­rocog­ni­tive Assess­ment Tool (Mil­i­tary Medicine)

  • Abstract: The Defense Auto­mated Neu­robe­hav­ioral Assess­ment (DANA) is a new neu­rocog­ni­tive assess­ment tool that includes a library of stan­dard­ized cog­ni­tive and psy­cho­log­i­cal assess­ments, with three ver­sions that range from a brief 5-minute screen to a 45-minute com­plete assess­ment. DANA is writ­ten using the Android open-source oper­at­ing sys­tem and is suit­able for mul­ti­ple mobile plat­forms. This arti­cle presents test­ing of DANA by 224 active duty U.S. ser­vice mem­bers in five oper­a­tionally rel­e­vant envi­ron­ments (desert, jun­gle, moun­tain, arc­tic, and ship­board). DANA was found to be a reli­able instru­ment and com­pared favor­ably to other computer-based neu­rocog­ni­tive assess­ments. Impli­ca­tions for using DANA in far-forward mil­i­tary set­tings are discussed.

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