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New WHO Report: Global dementia cases expected to exceed 115 million by 2050

Descrip­tion: “The report “Demen­tia: a pub­lic health pri­or­ity” has been jointly devel­oped by WHO and Alzheimer’s Dis­ease Inter­na­tional. The pur­pose of this report is to raise aware­ness of demen­tia as a pub­lic health pri­or­ity, to artic­u­late a pub­lic health approach and to advo­cate for action at inter­na­tional and national levels.

Demen­tia is a syn­drome that affects mem­ory, think­ing, behav­iour and abil­ity to per­form every­day activ­i­ties. The num­ber of peo­ple liv­ing with demen­tia world­wide is cur­rently esti­mated at 35.6 mil­lion. This num­ber will dou­ble by 2030 and more than triple by 2050. Demen­tia is over­whelm­ing not only for the peo­ple who have it, but also for their care­givers and fam­i­lies. There is lack of aware­ness and under­stand­ing of demen­tia in most coun­tries, result­ing in stigma­ti­za­tion, bar­ri­ers to diag­no­sis and care, and impact­ing care­givers, fam­i­lies and soci­eties phys­i­cally, psy­cho­log­i­cally and economically.

The report is expected to facil­i­tate gov­ern­ments, policy-makers, and other stake­hold­ers to address the impact of demen­tia as an increas­ing threat to global health. It is hoped that the report will pro­mote demen­tia as a pub­lic health and social care pri­or­ity worldwide.”

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