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DARPA launches Targeted Neuroplasticity Training program to accelerate cognitive skills training

--TNT technology will be designed to safely and precisely modulate peripheral nerves to control synaptic plasticity during cognitive skill training.

– TNT tech­nol­o­gy will be designed to safe­ly and pre­cise­ly mod­u­late periph­er­al nerves to con­trol synap­tic plas­tic­i­ty dur­ing cog­ni­tive skill train­ing.

Boost­ing Synap­tic Plas­tic­i­ty to Accel­er­ate Learn­ing (DARPA news):

The body’s branch­ing net­work of periph­er­al nerves con­nects neu­rons in the brain and spinal cord to organs, skin, and mus­cles, reg­u­lat­ing a host of bio­log­i­cal func­tions from diges­tion to sen­sa­tion to loco­mo­tion. But the periph­er­al ner­vous sys­tem can do even more than that…pushing those lim­its fur­ther, DARPA aims to enlist the body’s periph­er­al nerves to achieve some­thing that has long been con­sid­ered the brain’s domain alone: facil­i­tat­ing learn­ing. Read the rest of this entry »

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