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Mental rotation exercise to challenge your brain’s parietal lobe over the holidays


Mental rotation refers to moving things around in your mind. It is one of the main visuospatial skills we all have…in different degrees, yes.

Here’s an exam­ple. Please pic­ture in your mind an arrow point­ing to the right. Now, turn this arrow so it points to the left. Done? You have just per­formed a men­tal rota­tion. Read the rest of this entry »

Test your concentration and mental self-rotation skills with this quick brainteaser


What is mental self-rotation?

It is the cognitive skill to imagine yourself in different locations in space and to imagine yourself moving accordingly. We need that skill in everyday activities such as reading a map or finding our car in the parking lot. Read the rest of this entry »

Brain teaser to exercise your mental rotation cognitive abilities

Mental self-rotation is the cognitive ability to imagine yourself in different locations in space, and to imagine your body moving in space. We need it for everyday activities such as finding a place or reading a map. The ability involved is technically called egocentric spatial transformations (yes, that is the scientific expression) or mental self rotation, and the brain areas primarily involved are the parietal lobes.

Here’s an example.

mental rotation brain teaser

— Figures above: Read the rest of this entry »

10. Quick brainteaser to test your mental rotation skills

rotatednumbersVisuospatial skills are used everyday in many ways, ranging from going from one room to another in your house to navigating in a new city.

Let’s take an example. Can you picture in your mind an arrow pointing to the right? Now, turn this arrow so it points to the left. Done? Read the rest of this entry »

Max Your Working Memory with Brain Games and Teasers

Draw the letter J on your mental sketchpad. Now draw the letter D. Turn it 90 degrees to the left and put it in top of the J. What does this shape resemble?

An umbrella, of course! You’ve just used your working memory. Our working memory is a crucial part of the memory system, not least because it helps us to figure things out mentally.

Temporary workspace
Not only can we store information in our short-term memory, but we can also manipulate it. This is why short-term memory is sometimes also called working memory. Working memory is our temporary workspace. We use it in everyday tasks ranging from driving (where you need to keep in mind the location of the cars around you as you navigate through traffic), to preparing a budget (where you need to keep in mind one spending category while working on another), to writing a letter (where you need to keep in mind all you want to say while developing each point a sentence at a time). Read the rest of this entry »

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