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Blog Carnivals

Here you have a few good recent blog carnivals (collections of selected blog posts around specific topics)

Tangled Bank: science-related posts across a variety of disciplines.

– 2 editions of the Carnival of Education: this week and last one.

HR carnival: because “human resources” have brains, too.

Medicine 2.0: how web 2.0 can enhance the practice of medicine.

Change of Shift: nursing topics.

Gene Genie: human genetics.

Health, Medicine, Neuroscience, Psychology and HR blogs

A quick note to announce that these blog carnivals (collections of selected blog posts on specific topics) are available:

Grand Rounds: spectacular edition of the best health and medicine blog carnival, presented in 100% haiku form!

Encephalon: neuroscience and psychology topics

Human Resources: good roundup of posts for HR professionals

– Update 1: The Education one just appeared. Great for teachers and school staff

– Update 2: Tangled Bank is online too, with great science-related posts

Also, you can check my new article at the Huffington Post on 10 Habits of Highly Effective Brains.

Visual rotation brain teaser game

Let’s now exercise our occipital Lobes (visual interpretation and rotation). Please pick the piece that’s missing from the diagram on the left.








Answer: C


More brain teaser games:

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