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Brain training franchisor LearningRx settles FTC complaint about its marketing claims

BrainTraining_learningRxLearn­ingRx To Pay $200K For Alleged­ly Unproven Claims That Brain Train­ing Can Improve Income, Treat Autism & ADHD (Con­sumerist):

The com­pa­ny behind the Learn­ingRX “brain train­ing” pro­gram has agreed to pay a $200,000 set­tle­ment and to stop mak­ing claims that its sys­tem is clin­i­cal­ly proven to treat seri­ous health con­di­tions, or that it can Read the rest of this entry »

Under new CEO, Lumosity to expand brain training platform with focus on applied skills and broader social, wellness factors

lumosityLumosity’s Stum­ble Reveals How We Think About Think­ing (Buz­zFeed News):

The ads were per­va­sive, pop­ping up on CNN, Fox News, NPR, and Google search­es. And they were per­sua­sive: Play­ing Lumos­i­ty games would do your brain good…But these claims sound­ed a lit­tle too rosy to the Fed­er­al Trade Com­mis­sion, which Read the rest of this entry »

Important conversation: Who knows more about improving vision, a) the Federal Trade Commission or b) 60+ vision scientists

GLASSES-AND-EYE-CHARTFTC Action Risks Sti­fling Inno­va­tion, Health App Inven­tor Says (Bloomberg):

Fed­er­al enforce­ment action against the mak­ers of a mobile app that claims to improve users’ vision will have a chill­ing effect on sci­en­tists hop­ing to com­mer­cial­ize their research, the app’s inven­tor told Bloomberg BNA Feb. 24. Read the rest of this entry »

The Federal Trade Commission vs Lumosity: What does it mean for the brain training market?


Despite all the noise around brain train­ing, we must be care­ful not to con­fuse com­merce with sci­ence. It is impor­tant to remem­ber that the Fed­er­al Trade Com­mis­sion (FTC), which reg­u­lates mar­ket­ing claims and com­mu­ni­ca­tions in the Unit­ed States, issues legal rul­ings against spe­cif­ic com­mer­cial behav­iors.  Read the rest of this entry »

Next: How to best civilize the mobile brain health and brain training Wild West (Tip: Consumer education may help more than pure regulation)

GLASSES-AND-EYE-CHARTUC River­side Pro­fes­sor Slams Feds, Stands By His Health App (KQED):

UC River­side pro­fes­sor of psy­chol­o­gy Aaron Seitz had an idea for a mobile health app based on his area of research.…Seitz is the aca­d­e­m­ic behind UltimEyes, the vision improve­ment app that got dinged by the Fed­er­al Trade Com­mis­sion (FTC) for $150,000 last week for mak­ing decep­tive claims about the app’s effi­ca­cy. Read the rest of this entry »

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