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Study: Physically-active video games (‘exergames’) boost cognition more than physical activity alone

Active gaming is good for brain health and memory, finds study (University of Manchester release):

“Video games which involve physical activity significantly boost our brain health as we get older, according to new research led by University of Manchester experts.

Study authors Dr Emma Stanmore and Joseph Firth say systems that use physical activity for gaming such as Wii, and Xbox Kinect can boost brain functioning in people with Read the rest of this entry »

Update: Why Untrained Brains Are A Bit Like Puppies (And How Dance Offers Great Brain Training)

Time for SharpBrains’ April e-newsletter, featuring what’s new in brain health and cognitive performance. Quite stimulating reading 🙂

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Finally, here you have 5 quick brain teasers to sharpen two key cognitive skills: attention and working memory.


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Why “Untrained Brains Are A Bit Like Puppies,” And How To Put Together the Building Blocks of a Smarter, Happier Mind

As a child, I was convinced that my dad just went to work to play. My father was a neuroscientist at Baylor University, and his office was full of brightly colored blocks to test intelligence, books by MC Escher to study perception, and even a soundproof room covered in blue foam that I thought was for gymnastics Read the rest of this entry »

Perspectiva: Transformando la educacion para fortalecer de las funciones ejecutivas y mejorar el rendimiento escolar y laboral

¿Puede usted aumentar su inteligencia? (El Confidencial):

“Ha aparecido una floreciente industria del entrenamiento mental (Brain Training Industry) que mueve más de 1.000 millones de dólares en EEUU ( Mediante programas informáticos, promete mejorar la inteligencia, aumentar la memoria, resolver problemas de déficit de atención e hiperactividad, prevenir el alzhéimer, mantener la eficiencia cognitiva en la vejez, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Special Offer: Learn from 100+ Brain Experts, Watch 40+ Hours at the Leading Edge

Will we soon have an “annual brain check-up”? Under what conditions may specific brain training/ enhancement methods work? Is implanting electrodes in one’s brain–as Elon Musk’s new venture just announced–the most promising way to create a brain-computer interface? How can we harness neuroplasticity to reinvent education and mental health?

Thousands of professionals know that SharpBrains’ annual virtual summit is a valuable resource to understand, navigate and apply the latest in brain health and brain enhancement. All sessions are recorded, so we have over 40 hours of recordings featuring over 100 incredible Speakers who participated in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 Summits.

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