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Alzheimer’s Disease

Here  you have SharpBrains’ 5 most popular articles on the brain, cognition and Alzheimer’s Disease since 2006. Remember that you can subscribe to our free monthly Newsletter to receive new articles.

Alzheimer’s Early and Accurate Diagnosis: Normal Aging vs. Alzheimer’s Disease
– By Dr. Murali Moraiswamy
Jane, fifty-seven, managed a large sales force. She prided herself on being good at names, and introductions were easy for her until last spring when she referred to Barbara as Betty at a meeting and had to correct herself. She started noticing that her memory wasn’t as dependable as it once was she had to really try to remember names and dates. Her mother had developed Alzheimer’s in her late seventies, so Jane […]
Education builds Cognitive Reserve for Alzheimers Disease Protection
– By Dr. Pascale Michelon
The cognitive reserve hypothesis, tested in multiple studies, states that individuals with more cognitive reserve can experience more Alzheimer’s disease pathology in the brain (more plaques and tangles) without developing […]
Alzheimer’s Disease: too serious to play with headlines
– By Alvaro Fernandez
We just came across an article titled Best Computer “Brain Games” for Senior Citizens to Delay Alzheimer’s Disease. The headline makes little scientific sense-and we observe this confusion often. The article mentions a few programs we have discussed often in this blog, such as Posit Science and MindFit, and others we haven’t because we haven’t found any published […]
Brain Health and Alzheimer’s disease
– By Caroline Latham
Studies have shown mentally active people have lower rates and later onset of symptoms for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. These diseases involve a number of variables like family history, physical fitness, nutrition, and brain fitness. People who remain intellectually active and engage in hobbies reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by one third.[…]
Cognitive Health and Training News
– By Alvaro Fernandez
Several recent news (including video of our recent panel discussion):
1) Study Finds Improved Cognitive Health among Older Americans (Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association)
– “Societal investment in building and maintaining cognitive reserve through formal education in childhood and continued cognitive stimulation during work and leisure in adulthood may help limit the burden of dementia among the growing […]