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Here you have SharpBrains’ 5 most popular articles on the brain fitness market since 2006. Remember that you can subscribe to our free monthly Newsletter to receive new articles on the topic.

Top 10 Brain Fitness/ Training Predictions
– By Alvaro Fernandez
In an emerging market like this, it is difficult to make precise projections. Here we point out a number of trends that executives, consumers, public policy makers, and the media should watch closely in the coming years, as brain  fitness and training becomes mainstream, new tools appear, and an ecosystem grows around it.[…]
Report: State of the Market 2009
– By Alvaro Fernandez
This 150-page report finds sustained growth in the brain fitness software market (from $225m in 2007 to $265m in 2008) and promising seeds for future growth, combined with increased confusion given aggressive marketing claims and lack of education and standards. The report includes, for the first time:[…]
Program Evaluation Checklist
– By Alvaro Fernandez
To help consumers and professionals navigate through the growing number of programs making “brain fitness” or “brain training” claims, we have published this Program Evaluation Checklist […]
The Brain Fitness Market in 2007/2008: An Executive Summary
– By Alvaro Fernandez
A spate of recent global news coverage on brain fitness and brain training reflects a growing interest in natural, non drug-based interventions to keep our brains sharp as we age. This interest is very timely, given an aging population, increasing prevalence of Alzheimer’s rates, and soaring health care costs in the US that place more emphasis than ever on prevention and lifestyle changes. […]
Top 10 Cognitive Fitness Events of 2008 (Webinar)
– By Alvaro Fernandez
Important developments during 2008 underscore the solid fundamentals for the continued growth of this category: public policy initiatives, wide scale cognitive assessments, multiple venture capital investments, major initiatives by insurance companies, and new published research. SharpBrains forecasts the market to grow above $2b by 2015. […]

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