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Over the last months, thanks to the traf­fic growth of (THANK YOU for vis­it­ing today, and please come back), a num­ber of proac­tive book agents, pub­lish­ers and authors have con­tact­ed us to inform us of their lat­est brain-relat­ed books.

We have tak­en a look at many books, wrote reviews of The Dana Guide to Brain Health book review and Best of the Brain from Sci­en­tif­ic Amer­i­can, and inter­viewed sci­en­tists such as Judith Beck on Train­ing Our Brains for Los­ing Weight, Robert Emmons on Cul­ti­vat­ing Grat­i­tude and James Zull on Learn­ing & the Brain.

And we launched this stim­u­lat­ing Author Speaks Series to pro­vide a plat­form for lead­ing sci­en­tists and experts writ­ing high-qual­i­ty brain-relat­ed books to reach a wide audi­ence. Par­tic­i­pants so far include (in order of appear­ance):

Brain Trust Program Lar­ry McCleary, M.D, for­mer act­ing Chief of Pedi­atric Neu­ro­surgery at Den­ver Chil­dren’s Hos­pi­tal, and author of The Brain Trust Pro­gram: A Sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly Based Three-Part Plan to Improve Mem­o­ry (Perigee Trade, 2007) presents a thought­ful post on Enjoy his blog post: Brain Evo­lu­tion and Health.
Destructive Emotions Joanne Jacobs, edu­ca­tion blog­ger and author of Our School: The Inspir­ing Sto­ry of Two Teach­ers, One Big Idea, and the School That Beat the Odds, writes an excel­lent arti­cle on why The First Step Is Fail­ure.
Destructive Emotions-Daniel Goleman Daniel Gole­man, author of many books includ­ing Destruc­tive Emo­tions: A Sci­en­tif­ic Dia­logue with the Dalai Lama, presents a superb arti­cle on The Pow­er of Mind­sight.
Enriching the Brain-Eric Jensen Eric Jensen, founder of Learn­ing Brain Expo, and author of Enrich­ing the Brain: How to Max­i­mize Every Learn­er’s Poten­tial, grants us a great inter­view on Learn­ing and the Brain.
Shannon Moffett-Three Pound Enigma Shan­non Mof­fett, author of The Three Pound Enig­ma: The Human Brain and the Quest to Unlock its Mys­ter­ies, and expert quot­ed on PBS Spe­cial The Brain Fit­ness Pro­gram, sum­ma­rizes impor­tant research on Sleep, Mem­o­ry and the Brain.
Brain Rules-John Medina John Med­i­na, Direc­tor of the Brain Cen­ter for Applied Learn­ing Research at Seat­tle Pacif­ic Uni­ver­si­ty, and author of Brain Rules: 12 Prin­ci­ples for Sur­viv­ing and Thriv­ing at Work, Home, and School, brings brain research to dai­ly life in his Brain Rules: sci­ence and prac­tice arti­cle.

If you are an author or an agent and would like to pro­pose writ­ing a 700–1,000 word arti­cle to intro­duce your book and work to our audi­ence, please email us at, indi­cat­ing Author Speaks Series in the sub­ject line and pro­vid­ing a few details on the book and your arti­cle ideas.

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