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Brain Fitness in Seniors Housing

Special Report: Brain Fitness Centers in Senior Housing – A Field in the Making

— Published on September 8th, 2008, by the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA)

Brain Fitness Centers in Seniors Housing - A Field in the MakingThis 15-page Special Report, prepared by SharpBrains, describes the growing use of computerized brain fitness tools offered to seniors housing residents as part of comprehensive wellness initiatives. It provides an overview of the brain fitness field with four case studies that shed light on the use of brain fitness centers in seniors housing communities, including those operated by Senior Star Living of Tulsa, OK, Belmont Village Senior Living of Houston, TX, and Erickson Retirement Communities of Catonsville, MD. (Click here for purchase and download. $25)

In releasing this Special Issue Brief, David Schless, ASHA’s President, noted “This report truly underscores how cutting-edge technology and science are being used to enhance the lives of seniors. It is particularly exciting to contemplate the enormous potential impact that computerized cognitive assessments and training can have for seniors housing residents.”

According to the author, Alvaro Fernandez, “This is the very first publication in the field of brain fitness to address specific considerations related to seniors housing, expanding on our general market report released earlier this year. It is very conceivable that the early and enthusiastic adoption of cognitive fitness, supported by the solid measurement of outcomes reported in the Brief, will help to transform the way in which the general population perceives seniors housing.”

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. A Field in the Making: Opportunities and Open Questions
III. Case Studies: Senior Star Living, Belmont Village, Erickson Retirement Communities.
IV. Navigating through the Brain Fitness Program Landscape
V. Conclusions

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Brain Fitness Centers in Seniors Housing - A Field in the Making Click here for purchase and download. $25.

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