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What it is: Alvaro Fer­nan­dez (bio) is offer­ing a week­ly arti­cle in the Sharp­Brains free con­tent feed. This feed is designed to help web­site and newslet­ter pub­lish­ers dis­sem­i­nate high-qual­i­ty infor­ma­tion on the emerg­ing field of sci­ence-based brain health and fit­ness. 20 top­i­cal arti­cles are avail­able imme­di­ate­ly (See below).

How to use it: Click on any arti­cle below, and then click on the link “Ezine Pub­lish­er” to eas­i­ly pub­lish that arti­cle under this pub­lish­er’s terms of ser­vice. You can also Sub­scribe to this Arti­cle RSS Feed to receive an auto­mat­ed noti­fi­ca­tion every time a new arti­cle is post­ed. (Notice that we also have a sep­a­rate Blog RSS Feed)

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