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Executive Membership

The rapidly growing Cognitive Fitness field presents major opportunities. The field is projected to exceed $2B by 2015 fueled by an increasing amount of research on neuroplasticity and cognition; a rapidly evolving marketplace of products making cognitive claims; and growing consumer and healthcare demand.

Given the current confusion in the marketplace, there is a need for an independent, qualified and trusted source of information and best practices. SharpBrains, the market research and advisory services company widely recognized as the leading authority on research applications, industry trends, benchmarking, and where the future of cognitive fitness is heading, is launching the Global Consortium together with 10 Founding Members in order to provide that information and facilitate the building of common intelligence for member organizations.

Our mission: To shape the future of the cognitive fitness field with a community of innovators interested in accessing and sharing the most up to date information on the science and practice of programs to improve cognitive functioning.

Members of the SharpBrains Global Consortium gain access to the following exclusive content and events: Timely, relevant and actionable market intelligence:
• Company-wide license to SharpBrains’ annual Brain Fitness Software Market Report providing an overview of the landscape, trends, opportunities and risks
• Quarterly Update, delivered via webinar and downloadable podcast, reviewing key industry developments
• Monthly conference calls to discuss new developments with industry expertsCase Studies • Case studies featuring best practices and lessons learned based on real-world implementations of Cognitive Fitness initiatives

• SharpBrains’ staff will connect members to experts inside and outside the Consortium to discuss lessons learned, references, implementation experiences, explore partnerships…