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The rapidly-growing Brain Fitness and Cognitive Health field presents major opportunities and challenges for a variety of organizations across sectors: healthcare, insurance, gaming, education, retirement, and more. The field is projected to exceed $2B by 2015, fueled by an increasing amount of applied research on neuroplasticity and cognition; a rapidly evolving marketplace of products making cognitive claims; and growing consumer and institutional demand.

Given the current confusion in the marketplace, there is a need for an independent, qualified and trusted source of information, market data and best practices. SharpBrains is the market research and advisory services company widely recognized as the leading authority on research applications, industry trends, benchmarking, and best practices.

SharpBrains offers two membership programs:

A) Big Thinker (single-user)

Benefits: access a copy of The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008 report, either as a hardcopy or as a 1-person license to electronic download.

Additionally, you will receive our monthly Professional Edition e-Newsletter, covering market news, organizational best practices and company highlights, interviews with industry players, and overall analysis.
Price: $495.

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B) Premium Research Circle (enterprise-license)

Benefits: Obtain access to the most up-to-date information on the science and best practices to assess and improve cognitive functioning across the lifespan, and belong to a community of pioneering organizations.
Premium Research Circle members will gain access to ongoing, relevant and actionable market intelligence:

1) Enterprise-license to our flagship publication, SharpBrains’ 2008 The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market report (more information Here), providing an overview of the landscape, trends, opportunities and risks. We will give you access to a softcopy (PDF) you can share internally in your organization, and two hardcopies

2) Enterprise-license to SharpBrains’ Special Reports:
– August: Executive Presentation: The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008.
September: Brain Fitness Centers in Seniors Housing – A Field in the Making.
– December: Webinar on the Top Ten Cognitive Fitness Events of 2008.

3) Monthly Professional Edition e-Newsletter: covering market news, organizational best practices and company highlights, interviews with industry players, and overall analysis.

4) Provide input into the Editorial Process to select topics for future Special Reports.

5) Included: one hour consultation with Alvaro Fernandez, CEO & Co-Founder of SharpBrains.

Fees: $2,500 for full 2008 package. Please note that these fees can’t be broken down for specific publications or for specific periods of time.

Membership process: You can join our Premium Research Circle (click here). Once we have your order, Alvaro Fernandez  will contact you directly to schedule your one-hour consultation to discuss any matter of interest to you and your team and send you the research documents that are available now.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact us using this Contact Us Form, indicating your Question, Name, Company and Title, and Contact Information.

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