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Executive Summary

Chapter I. Scoping the Opportunity

  1. Defining and scoping Pervasive Neurotechnology
  2. Intellectual Property (IP) enables, and helps preview, innovation
  3. Report methodology, value and limitations

Chapter II. The State of Pervasive Neurotechnology Patents

  1. Size, market value and trends in the US, EU and rest of the world
  2. Distribution of filings worldwide by technology categories: EEG/ qEEG, neuromonitoring, neurocognitive training, transcranial stimulation, hybrid tech
  3. Size, market value and trends of USPTO filings and grants
  4. Distribution of US filings by USPTO class and subclass
  5. Analysis of US patents and filing growth by technology category

Chapter III. The Patent Holders: ranking of Top 100 assignees and detailed IP profiles of 30 leaders

  1. Distribution by entity type and technology category
  2. Methodology for assessing IP portfolio strength and ranking patent holders
  3. Ranking of 100 assignees holding USPTO pervasive neurotech patents
  4. Top 30 patent holders by IP Strength Index
  5. Detailed IP profiles of the Top 30 patent holders

Chapter IV. Analysis of 50 key active Patents

  1. Methodology to assess patent quality
  2. 50 key active patents, categorized by technology class
  3. Profile and analysis of each key patent

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  • Appendix A. Report methodology in detail
  • Appendix B. List of 801 holders of pervasive neurotechnology IP
  • Appendix C. IP Primer and Glossary


List of Figures in the report

E.1. Pervasive Neurotech vs. USPTO-wide Patents Granted

E.2. Top 30 Patent Holders

1.1. Distribution of Active and Expired US Pervasive Neurotech Patents

2.1. Size and Market Value across Geography

2.2: Growth of Pervasive Neurotech IP in the US, EU and WIPO

2.3. 1990-2014 Trends in US, EU and WIPO Patent Application Filings

2.4. US Patent Application Filings by Technology Category

2.5. WIPO Patent Application by Technology Category

2.6. EU Patent Applications by Technology Category

2.7. Pervasive Neurotech vs. USPTO-wide Patents Granted

2.8. Annual Neurotech US Patent Grants and Application Filings

2.9. USPTO Class and Subclass Coverage for Pervasive Neurotech IP

2.10. Top USPTO Subclasses for Pervasive Neurotech IP

2.11. US Pervasive Neurotech Active Patent Distribution across Technology Categories

2.12 Annual Neurotech Patent Grants By Technology Category

2.13. Annual EEG/ qEEG US Patent Grants and Application Filings

2.14. Annual Neuromonitoring US Patent Grants and Application Filings

2.15. Annual Neurocognitive Training US Patent Grants and Application Filings

2.16. Annual Transcranial Stimulation US Patent Grants and Application Filings

2.17. Annual Hybrid Tech US Patent Grants and Application Filings

3.1. US Active Grants by Entity Type

3.2. Number of Patent Holders by Technology Category

3.3. Listing of Top 100 assignees

3.4. Top 30 Patent Holders by IP Strength Index

4.1. Key Active EEG Patents Summary

4.2. Key Active Neuromonitoring Patents Summary

4.3. Key Active Neurocognitive Training Patents Summary

4.4. Key Active Transcranial Stimulation Patents Summary

4.5. Key Active Hybrid Patents Summary

4.6 Individual Profile of Key Active Patents

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