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6. Ready for the Future?

Highlights from Section 6: Ready for the Future?

The goal of this resource is to help you navigate the emerging, dynamic, field of brain fitness. We hope we have achieved our goal! We also realize that we have raised many questions because of the emerging nature of this field. In particular, we cannot prescribe specific brain training programs: we can just offer the most relevant and updated information, and leave it up to you, the informed consumer or professional, to exercise your brain and make appropriate decisions

In this final chapter our aim is to describe the trends we think are important in order to help you be ready for the future. Consumers will be more and more aware that brain health is critical for healthy and successful aging. Informed and proactive adults will look for solutions to integrate brain fitness to their everyday activities. Professionals will identify opportunities to offer new services and programs. We hope this chapter will give you ideas as to how to introduce brain fitness in your personal life and/or your workplace.


Brain fitness goes mainstream: integration of physical and mental exercise,  government initiatives

The emphasis on brain maintenance will increase in locations ranging from retirement communities to gyms. As a computer-savvy adults population looks for ways to stay mentally fit, brain fitness, or brain training, is becoming part of their vocabulary and concern.  Keep reading.

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Expect more and better tools to assess and improve cognitive functions

Better and more widely available assessments of cognitive function will serve as objective baselines to measure the impact of cognitive training interventions. There will also likely be better diagnostic tests to identify early symptoms of dementia.  Reliable diagnostic assessments of cognitive abilities will help move this field forward just as jumping on a scale is helpful in telling you if your physical fitness and diet program is working. Keep reading.


Growing ecosystem to help assess needs and navigate options

Psychologists and physicians will have to help patients navigate through the overwhelming range of available products and interpret the results of cognitive assessments. Keep reading.


Summary: neuroplasticity-based  opportunities and challenges for consumers and professionals

The main message behind the discovery of brain plasticity is that the way we live our life can affect how well our brain age. This is great news. However there is no just one general solution to brain maintenance. Science suggests so far to take a multi-pronged approach centered around balanced nutrition, stress management, and both physical and mental exercise. Keep reading.

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This new online resource is based on the content from the book The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness (May 2009, $19.95), by Alvaro Fernandez and Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg.

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