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Insurance companies to promote brain wellness

agGiven the expected growth of Alzheimer’s disease across the aging US population and the cost of patient care, insurance companies have a strong interest in reducing the rate of cognitive decline, delaying the onset of Mild Cognitive Decline and Alzheimer’s symptoms and slowing the progression of the disease once it appears.

Some insurance pioneers such as Humana and MetLife are experimenting with offering brain fitness programs and providing incentives to their members to live healthier lifestyles. In 2006 and 2007, Humana rolled out a multi-million dollar agreement with Posit Science to offer Posit’s program for free or at reduced rates to its Medicare members.

Insurance companies are among the leaders in disseminating information about the benefits of healthy brain habits. In 2005, MetLife produced and distributed a brochure on Ten Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Brain.

Despite the lack of product-specific long-term efficacy results, insurers see the value of adding a brain component to wellness and prevention initiatives from a member recruitment and loyalty point of view.

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