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What is brain fitness: improving cognitive and self-regulation abilities

rBrain fitness is our brain’s ability to readily create additional connections between neurons, and even to promote new neurons in certain parts of the brain. Research in neuropsychology and neuroscience shows that vigorous mental activity can lead to good brain fitness, which in turn, translates into a sharper memory, faster processing of information, better attention, and other improved cognitive skills.

In general, brain fitness products are geared to change the trajectory of the life curve so that younger minds improve their peaks (or reach them faster) and older people do not experience such a loss in various cognitive abilities, like mental flexibility, working memory, and others.

If the brain is flexible and molded through experience, the question is, “What tools can help provide the right kind of experience to help refine our brains, from a structural and functional point of view?” The goal of this guide is precisely to help you answer that question.

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This new online resource is based on the content from the book The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness (May 2009, $19.95), by Alvaro Fernandez and Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg.