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“This groundbreaking report provides a definitive overview of the emerging Brain Fitness industry — an important category to watch for every gaming and healthcare executive and investor. SharpBrains’ comprehensive report defines a clear scope for the market and also charts its evolution, path and key trends.”
— Tim Chang, Principal at Norwest Venture Partners.

“An in-depth and credible market research report that provides an objective view for investors and executives looking for gaming and health opportunities in the growing “brain training” space. This report is a must-read to understand the state of the market, the players, and key trends.
— Daniel Goldman, founder of Total Entertainment Network and former executive at Posit Science Corporation.

“This is the first clear, concise and comprehensive overview and analysis I have seen of the emerging Brain-Fitness marketplace. It is a great market research for every investor, entrepreneur, manager, researcher and others who seek an understanding of the subject. ”
— Danny Dankner, CEO, Applied Cognitive Engineering (ACE).

“As our population ages the fields of physical fitness and brain fitness will naturally merge and, as this happens, a whole new field of valued added services will emerge for our members. High quality market reports such as SharpBrains’ are crucial to the success of this merger.”
— Robin Klaus, Chairman, Club One Fitness Centers.

“SharpBrains’ reports are breaking important new ground, helping to structure, forecast, and bring quality information to the emerging brain fitness category. In doing so, they are helping to build an emerging market, one that has virtually unlimited potential to bring value to individuals, businesses, and society. In that regard, his work is not much different than — and just as important as — the booming markets for green and clean technology.”
— Joel Makower, Chairman, Greener World Media.

“I have the opportunity to collaborate with Alvaro Fernandez in the framework of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Aging Society. Our aging society relies on ambassadors like Alvaro and SharpBrains who ensure appropriate emphasis on brain health while furthering the discussion on aging.”
— Martin Naegele, Knowledge Manager, World Economic Forum.

“Finally, an insightful and complete overview of the science, companies and trends in the brain fitness field. A must-read for everyone offering products and services to boomers and elders.”
— Gloria Cavanaugh, former President & CEO of the American Society on Aging and founding Board member of the National Alliance for Caregiving.

“We recognize the importance of brain health and how much the health of the brain and the body are interdependent. The market report helped us further target our coaching efforts to integrate brain fitness and upgrade our entire coaching platform. It is easy to read and gives you the industry perspective in a thorough yet concise manner. I highly recommend it!
— Margaret Sabin, CEO of Sutter Health Partners and Vice President, New Product Development, for Sutter Health.

“In a widely scattered and unregulated field, this clear, credible document is a first-class, pioneering compendium that’s likely to become industry-standard for all of us in this field. Well done!”.
— Eric Jensen, Founder of Jensen Learning Corporation.

This report is a must have for those in the brain health industry. Finally, an easy to use objective resource organizing the flurry of global brain health activities. The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market report not only tells the story of cognitive training and brain fitness, but provides a broad range of data allowing one to more swiftly navigate the current terrain and future landscape.”
— Debra Raybold, Director, Brain Health Center, Memorial Hospital Health System, South Bend, Indiana.

The report met and exceeded all of our expectations. The report’s clarity and factual basis was refreshing. I found it hard to put down. Our follow-up brainstorm session with Alvaro was the icing on the cake. Thank you SharpBrains for putting together such a comprehensive body of information and support to assist in the launch of our business.”
— Adam Merrifield, CFO AKM Holdings, Inc.

“This report is comprehensive to say the least. It provides an essential service for long term care organizations who want to provide mind-enhancing programs and services. There is a bewildering array of technology currently available. Few, if any, of us have the resources or expertise to sort through all the literature to help determine what may work best for a given group of residents, as well as what is most practical from a staff implementation perspective. The State of the Brain Fitness Market report helps sort out the strengths and capacities of these new technologies and answers some urgent questions.”
— Beverly Sanborn, Vice President of Activities and Memory Programs at Belmont Villages Senior Living.

The State of the Brain Fitness Software Market 2008 report has provided us with a wealth of information and has helped us validate our business plan. SharpBrains has done a great job in gathering all the relevant knowledge, current state of the market and projecting the future direction. This is another step in defining science-based Brain fitness as a category in it own right.”
— Raza Shaikh , Founder mCognix.

“The 2008 State of the Brain Fitness Software Market report is a timely analysis of the status of this new and emerging market…healthcare and insurance leaders will benefit immensely from this state of the art, comprehensive overview and insightful analysis.”
Larry McCleary, M. D., former acting Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Denver Children’s Hospital.

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