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Custom Research and Publishing

SharpBrains helps companies, health providers, investors, and policymakers understand and participate in the emerging brain fitness field. The company tracks and analyzes brain fitness research, markets, trends, and opportunities – offering clients unparalleled insight and market intelligence.


Customized Research and Reports: SharpBrains has been tracking the brain fitness space since 2005 and uses its comprehensive databases and access to industry leaders to shed light on this emerging market. SharpBrains also provides customized research and report writing services for a range of organizations.

Customized Content: SharpBrains offers custom content services to news organizations, associations, health providers and insurance companies, retirement communities, medical content suppliers, magazines and websites interested in offering unique, science-based content on Brain Health and Fitness. Customer services include preparing tailored guides, articles, and e-newsletters.



SharpBrains works with established and emerging companies and organizations to help them gain actionable insights into the brain fitness marketplace. SharpBrains provides expertise in research analysis, competitive analysis, market trends, needs and program evaluation.

Services include:

– Market trends analysis and competitive landscape

– Needs assessment and program evaluation

– Branding and positioning of new initiatives

– Facilitation of strategic partnerships

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