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MindFit Brain Workout

MindFit™ Comprehensive Brain Workout

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The Personal Edition comes with a code that is valid for a single user to deliver a personalized assessment and training program. If multiple people in your household want to work out, take advantage of the discount for additional copies.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee: If, for any reason, you wish to cancel your purchase within 30 days of your order, send MindFit back in the original package, and we will refund the product’s price.

MindFit is designed specifically for adults who want to maintain good memory and a sharp, agile, and vigorous mind. The innovative, patented software, recommended in this Wall Street Journal article, received the 2007 ASA Award, and is endorsed by neuroscientist Susan Greenfield. MindFit is easy to use with minimal computer knowledge and is based on scientific research on age-related cognitive decline.   

MindFit creates an individualized training regimen for your exact level of cognitive skill. No two people are alike and no two training sessions are alike. This is an interactive system that “learns” about you through your performance, customizes your training schedule, and responds to your performance both during and at the end of your training.

MindFit focuses on life abilities such as: working memory, visual and auditory short term memory, planning, location memory, naming, time estimation, divided attention, and hand-eye coordination.

It includes:

  1. Assessment: It begins with three assessment sessions. Based on what it learns about you in those sessions, MindFit creates an individualized training program just for you.
  2. Training: You then train at your computer, 20 minutes a day, three times a week, for eight weeks — a total of 24 training sessions.
  3. Feedback: As you train, MindFit provides you with information about the cognitive skills being exercised in each training task and their relevance to functions that occur in everyday day life. It also provides continual feedback and analysis of your performance and progress.

The entire process is repeated three times, for a total of four assessment rounds and 72 training sessions — an 8 to 12 month program in all. When you complete the training, you have access to a pool of exercises for lifelong brain training and fitness.

Developer: CogniFit.

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