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Custom Research and Consulting

SharpBrains helps companies, health providers, investors, and policymakers understand and participate in the emerging brain fitness field. The company tracks and analyzes brain fitness research, markets, trends, and opportunities – offering clients unparalleled insight and market intelligence.

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“Alvaro Fernandez synthesizes and translates the latest neuroscience into provocative, compelling, and entertaining stories of mental fitness and the future of the brain.” –David Pescovitz, Research Director, Institute for the Future.

Are you seeing all the articles about Brain Fitness and Training in the popular press and wondering, “What is this all about?”, “Can someone help us navigate through all the research, information and programs out there?”.

Alvaro Fernandez, SharpBrains’ co-founder and CEO, speaks regularly to a wide range of audiences in both small, informal groups and large, more formal ones.

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