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If you are a blog­ger or read blogs often, you know that there are a good num­ber of excel­lent blog car­ni­vals focused on spe­cif­ic themes. What you prob­a­bly haven’t come across is a high-qual­i­ty “metacar­ni­val” or “car­ni­val of car­ni­vals”, where you can read the best blog posts ACROSS top­ics, sub­jects, disciplines.

This is why MetaCarnivala few blog car­ni­val “orga­niz­ers” have launched a month­ly rotat­ing “MetaCar­ni­val” to fea­ture the most inter­est­ing posts from a vari­ety of high-qual­i­ty blog car­ni­vals. (Cool logo thanks to Kim).

Par­tic­i­pat­ing blog car­ni­vals so far, alpha­bet­i­cal­ly: Car­ni­val of the Blue: oceans, Change of Shift: nurs­ing, Encephalon: neu­ro­science and psy­chol­o­gy, Four Stone Hearth: anthro­pol­o­gy, Gene Genie: human genet­ics and per­son­al­ized med­i­cine, Hour­glass: biol­o­gy of aging, I and the Bird: yes, birds, Med­i­cine 2.0: web 2.0 tech­nolo­gies for health­care, Prax­is: aca­d­e­m­ic life, SurgeX­pe­ri­ences: sur­gi­cal expe­ri­ences. We want to rec­og­nize Bora for his advice and help in set­ting this up.

Basi­cal­ly, par­tic­i­pat­ing blog car­ni­val “own­ers” and hosts sub­mit 1–2 Picks of the Month.

- Cri­te­ria for par­tic­i­pat­ing car­ni­vals: well-main­tained, rotat­ing, with reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tors and edi­tions, good pre­sen­ta­tion, good posts.

- Cri­te­ria for posts to be includ­ed in the Meta car­ni­val: the posts should not only be good but also attrac­tive to a wide audi­ence beyond our respec­tive fields, per­haps linked to main­stream news, per­haps build­ing bridges across fields, per­haps sim­ply fascinating.

- Mechan­ics: Host­ing rotates among par­tic­i­pants, and edi­tions are to be pub­lished the last Mon­day of each month.

Upcom­ing Editions

Monash Med­ical Stu­dent (SurgeX­pe­ri­ences), Jan­u­ary 26th, 2008.

ScienceRoll (Med­i­cine 2.0), Feb­ru­ary 23rd, 2009.


#1 edi­tion: Sharp­Brains (Encephalon), Octo­ber 27th, 2008.
#2 edi­tion: Emergi­Blog (Change of Shift), Novem­ber 30th, 2008.


  1. Michael Meadon on January 5, 2009 at 1:11

    Howdy… can I host an edi­tion? (This is an excel­lent idea, btw. I’ve already sub­mit­ted some posts from the car­ni­val I run — the Car­ni­val of the Africans).

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