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Lumosity Online Exercises

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The Lumosity Brain Fitness Program offers nine online, engaging and challenging brain exercises done on a computer with Internet connection.

Given that all the other programs in our Shop require a software installation in a Windows computer, we particularly recommend this option for the many Mac users who have contacted us.

Lumosity games and exercises have been designed to train your

  • memory: Memory exercises target the types of memory that are important in everyday life such as working memory, spatial memory, and remembering names and faces.
  • attention: Concentrating on relevant information while ignoring irrelevant information is improved by games that exercise visual attention, selective attention, and shifting focus.
  • processing speed: Quickly perceiving, interpreting, and responding to new information underlies proficiency in many areas.
  • cognitive control: Control of other cognitive processes is necessary for thinking and acting according to internal goals.

Is this program right for you?

  •  You have a good Internet connection (faster-speed than dial-up recommended). 
  •  Your goal is to train a variety of cognitive skills to maintain an overall sense of sharpness.
  •  The program will challenge you by calibrating to your skill level to keep you working at your pace.

Developer: Lumos Labs.

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