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The goal of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness is to inform readers, but also to stimulate a much needed debate to contribute to our collective brain fitness.

Free Brain Fitness Webinar

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg and Alvaro Fernandez, co-authors of The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness, will cover the main highlights from this new book and address the questions submitted by readers.

When: Tuesday July 21st, 10am Pacific Time; 1pm Eastern Time.

How to Register: Click HERE for more information and to Register.

Book Club Discussion Guide

We encourage book clubs to read and discuss the book, and suggest the 10 questions below to kickstart the conversation.

Book: The SharpBrains Guide to Brain Fitness, by Alvaro Fernandez and Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg.

Description: The SharpBrains Guide combines expert, independent advice with 18 in-depth interviews with scientists to present a thought-provoking and informative perspective on the importance of brain fitness. This is the first book to offer guidance on how to navigate the growing amount of brain fitness-related research and products. You can use these book club discussion questions to help your book club, friends or colleagues delve deeper into the topics discussed in The SharpBrains Guide and, along the way, contribute to our collective brain fitness.

1. What have you been doing over the last couple of years to help maintain your brain in top shape?
2. Please describe what you have learned about your brain that has surprised you the most.
3. Before reading this book, what did you think about what “Use It or Lose It” mean? And what do you think now?
4. Why do we, as a society, often pay more attention to car maintenance (cleaning, check-ups, gas, oil changes…) than to how to maintain our brains in good shape? Will this change, and why or why not?
5. What are some of the main mental abilities to nurture beyond memory? And why may doing so result in a better memory?
6. What interviews did you enjoy the most? Why do some scientists say things that seem to contradict what other scientists say?
7. Is the brain value of doing 25 crossword puzzles different depending on whether those are our first ever 25 puzzles or whether we already have done 10,000 puzzles before? Why?
8. What are some types of mental exercise or brain training, and what may they be best for?
9. Do you feel better equipped now to understand, compare and evaluate the claims of different products? How could this guide be improved?
10. How can this emerging field of brain fitness affect the way you perform your job in the future?

We invite you to submit your answers to these questions via this Contact Us Form. At the end of every month we will review all answers submitted and, with your permission, publish the best answers here.

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