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Why partner with SharpBrains?


SharpBrains is the trusted Brain Fitness resource for science-based information, programs and services for consumers, healthcare/wellness providers, and companies.

We are committed to partnering with companies or associations that are dedicated to promoting brain health and performance. We seek mutually beneficial relationships that provide sustainable value to build brain fitness awareness.

We are actively looking for Brain Fitness Partners in the following categories:

  • Websites with quality information for a baby boomer audience
  • Nonprofit Organizations that provide information to aging and caregiver populations
  • Brain-related websites
  • Other organizations with quality health, wellness or fitness information

We are happy to provide content to Brain Fitness Partners to raise overall awareness.

Our Offering
Benefits to You
Our Requests
Up to 5 free SharpBrains articles per month (2 static/up to 3 of your choice) Increase breadth/depth of your science-based health/wellness information Proper credit for content and logo/link placement
Addition of your organization to our official online partner list Support your wellness initiatives Partner recognition
Consumer satisfaction

We are also seeking to engage in other win/win partnerships. Please contact us if you are one of these types of organizations:

  • Media organizations who want to provide the latest science-based information to a wellness-aware audience
  • Health organizations who wish to offer brain fitness solutions to complement core program offerings
  • Neuroscience researchers with published or about-to-be published studies

For partnership inquiries, please contact us.