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Sharp­Brains is the trust­ed Brain Fit­ness resource for sci­ence-based infor­ma­tion, pro­grams and ser­vices for con­sumers, healthcare/wellness providers, and com­pa­nies.

We are com­mit­ted to part­ner­ing with com­pa­nies or asso­ci­a­tions that are ded­i­cat­ed to pro­mot­ing brain health and per­for­mance. We seek mutu­al­ly ben­e­fi­cial rela­tion­ships that pro­vide sus­tain­able val­ue to build brain fit­ness aware­ness.

We are active­ly look­ing for Brain Fit­ness Part­ners in the fol­low­ing cat­e­gories:

  • Web­sites with qual­i­ty infor­ma­tion for a baby boomer audi­ence
  • Non­prof­it Orga­ni­za­tions that pro­vide infor­ma­tion to aging and care­giv­er pop­u­la­tions
  • Brain-relat­ed web­sites
  • Oth­er orga­ni­za­tions with qual­i­ty health, well­ness or fit­ness infor­ma­tion

We are hap­py to pro­vide con­tent to Brain Fit­ness Part­ners to raise over­all aware­ness.

Benefits to You
Our Offering
Our Requests
Up to 5 free Sharp­Brains arti­cles per month (2 static/up to 3 of your choice) Increase breadth/depth of your sci­ence-based health/wellness infor­ma­tion Prop­er cred­it for con­tent and logo/link place­ment
Addi­tion of your orga­ni­za­tion to our offi­cial online part­ner list Sup­port your well­ness ini­tia­tives Part­ner recog­ni­tion
Con­sumer sat­is­fac­tion

We are also seek­ing to engage in oth­er win/win part­ner­ships. Please con­tact us if you are one of these types of orga­ni­za­tions:

  • Media orga­ni­za­tions who want to pro­vide the lat­est sci­ence-based infor­ma­tion to a well­ness-aware audi­ence
  • Health orga­ni­za­tions who wish to offer brain fit­ness solu­tions to com­ple­ment core pro­gram offer­ings
  • Neu­ro­science researchers with pub­lished or about-to-be pub­lished stud­ies

For part­ner­ship inquiries, please con­tact us.

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