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Posit Science Auditory Processing

The Brain Fitness Program

The Brain Fitness Program for auditory processing includes six engaging, easy-to-use listening exercises done on a computer. The program focuses on auditory processing because listening is such an important part of our daily lives, and without practice, these skills often decrease over time.

The goals of the Posit Science program are to:

  • – Speed up brain function
    In every exercise, the sounds and speech begin at a slower pace and gradually speed up, with the aim of training your brain to process information at high speeds.
  • – Improve accuracy
    The scientists who developed the program have applied patented technology to process the sounds and speech with the goal of helping the brain refine its accuracy.

– Strengthen memory recording
Several program elements are specifically designed to exercise the brain machinery that records memories.

Is this program right for you?

– You do not need any prior computer experience to do the exercises – you just need to be able to click on a mouse.

– The program will challenge you by calibrating to your skill level to keep you working at your pace.

– You will receive extensive feedback about your progress and performance. As you improve at the exercises, you should start to notice your overall sharpness increasing.

Once you finish the first 40, there are another 40 sessions you can complete.

Dr. Michael Merzenich and his team developed the program and have led the research behind it.

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Developer: Posit Science.

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