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Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity

Here you have SharpBrains’ 5 most popular articles on neurogenesis and neuroplasticity stress management since 2006. Remember that you can subscribe to our free monthly Newsletter to receive new articles on the topic.

Brain Plasticity: How learning changes your brain
– By Dr. Pascale Michelon
You may have heard that the brain is plastic. As you know the brain is not made of plastic! Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity refers to the brain’s ability to CHANGE throughout life.[…]
Neuroplasticity and Lifelong Learning
– By Alvaro Fernandez
We promised you with our blog title 7 months ago that we would be your “Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution”, but we couldn’t have predicted that CBS, Time Magazine, WSJ, NYT and other mainstream media would be such great allies in this neuroplasticity effort. Let’s start with (Wall Street Journal Science Editor) Sharon Begley’s article titled How The Brain Rewires Itself, based on her Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain book.[…]
New Neurons: Good News, Bad News
– By Dr. Bill Klemm
In the last few years, researchers have discovered that new nerve cells (neurons) are born, presumably from residual stem cells that exist even in adults. That should be good news for all of us as we get older and fear mental decline. The bad news is that these new neurons die, unless our minds are active enough. Ever since the neuron doctrine was firmly established by […]
Neuroplasticity and the Brain That Changes Itself
– By Laurie Bartels
The neuroscience behind Doidge’s book involves neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to rewire itself. This means that the brain – our intelligence – is not something fixed in concrete but rather a changing, learning entity. On the face of it, this concept should not sound unusual, for it is what happens to individuals all the time as we go about the learning process, from infancy onwards. […]
Brain Fitness Program and Neuroplasticity @ PBS
– By Alvaro Fernandez
Information on the PBS special program on neuroplasticity, brain fitness, aging and the brain titled “Brain Fitness Program”. […]

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