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Here you have SharpBrains’ 5 most popular articles on cognitive assessments since 2006. Remember that you can subscribe to our free monthly Newsletter to receive new articles on the topic.

Can We Pick Your Brain re. Cognitive Assessments?
– By Dr. Joshua Steinerman
If you could, you would. You can, but prefer not to know it?
More than any other organ, your brain is up to you. You are what you think, not just what you eat. Here’s some food for thought:
Setting cognitive and behavioral goals raises challenging and worthy questions: What do you […]
Centre for Brain Fitness at Baycrest: Interview with Dr. William Reichman
– By Alvaro Fernandez
In April 2008, Baycrest, a leading research institute focused on aging and brain function, received $10-million from the Ontario Government to create a groundbreaking Centre for Brain Fitness. Its stated goal was to “develop and commercialize a range of products designed to improve the brain health of aging Ontarians and others around the world”.
“Our government is […]
Neurocognitive assessments and sports concussions
– By Alvaro Fernandez
Concussion effect ‘spans decades’ (BBC)
– “People concussed in their youth show subtle signs of mental and physical problems even more than 30 years later, say Canadian researchers.”
– “Dr Louis de Beaumont, who led the study, said: “This study shows that the effects of sports concussions in early adulthood persist beyond 30 years post-concussion, and that […]
Computerized Cognitive Assessments: opportunities and concerns
– By Alvaro Fernandez
You know your weight. And your physical fitness. And a variety of health-related metrics.
What about your brain fitness?
Two recent announcements bring out how the assessment of cognitive abilities, or brain functions, is increasingly being done thanks to new computerized options:
1) Last week, OptumHealth announced an exclusive 3-year agreement (estimated at $18m) with the Australian company […]
Posit Science, Nintendo Brain Age, and Brain Training Topics
– By Alvaro Fernandez
A few colleagues referred me over the weekend to a very nice article at business publication Portfolio. While the article does an excellent job at introducing the reader to the concept and promise of computerized cognitive assessments, it also contributes to the mythology of “Brain Age”.

Let’s first take a look at the article[…]