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100 newly recognized Young Global Leaders train their brains (and others’) by tackling complex challenges with innovative approaches

Meet the 2017 Class of Young Global Leaders (World Economic Forum release):

“They develop gene-editing technology, rebuild wartorn nations and much more…Each year the World Economic Forum undertakes an ambitious endeavour – to scour the world to select 100 young leaders, under the age of 40, who are tackling the world’s most complex challenges with innovative approaches…Selected into a five-year programme, this year’s class of 100 Young Global Leaders is split evenly between business and not-for-profit sectors – building a global community of peers who can capitalize on diverse talents, experiences and networks to bridge divides that exist in society and achieve more together than they could separately…Not only are women in the majority in this year’s class, but half the intake come from emerging economies, reflecting a trend towards greater diversity in global leadership.”

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121 newly recognized Young Global Leaders train their brains (and others’) by solving important, meaningful and complex problems

YGLsMeet the Young, Tech-Savvy, Civic-Minded Innovators Driving The Fourth Industrial Revolution (World Economic Forum press release):

“The World Economic Forum announced today 121 scientists, government leaders, future business leaders, social activists and artists, aged under 40, who are shaking up policy, society and the world around them. Read the rest of this entry »

Where Brain Health Meets Digital Health and Big Data

Brain2013 is an exciting time to have a brain. Over the past two decades, our understanding of the human brain has grown exponentially. Fueled by this new information, the number and variety of brain applications available commercially is exploding, potentially transforming the way we care for our brains across our entire lifespan.

Having a brain is not a medical condition, yet in practice that seems to be our unspoken assumption. The truly revolutionary and often untold story these days Read the rest of this entry »

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Watch 3-minute tutorial (opens YouTube video)

Watch 3-minute tutorial (opens YouTube video)

The 2013 SharpBrains Virtual Summit (Sept 19-20, 2013) will feature over 30 of the world’s top scientists, innovators and decision-makers working on ways to enhance behavioral and brain health via neuroscience-based innovation. Confirmed Summit Chairs and Speakers include 8 trailblazers named Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum, and pioneers at the National Science Foundation, UCLA, UT-Dallas, Brain Resource, NeuroSky, InterAxon, Digital Artefacts. Learn more and register

Welcoming 199 very sharp brains: new Young Global Leaders class

WEFThe World Economic Forum Announces Young Global Leaders Class of 2013 (press release):

199 young leaders from 70 countries have been honoured by the World Economic Forum for their professional accomplishments and commitment to society. The Young Global Leaders (YGL) Class of 2013 is composed of honourees from all sectors of society, with Read the rest of this entry »

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