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Facilitating clinical treatments via Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): Key Neurotechnology Patent #21

magnetic stimulation

– Illus­tra­tive image from U.S. Patent No. 6,926,660

Today we are shar­ing a key 2005 patent assigned to Neu­ro­net­ics, Inc. (As men­tioned, we are fea­tur­ing a foun­da­tion­al Per­va­sive Neu­rotech patent a day, from old­er to new­er by issue date)

U.S. Patent No. 6,926,660: Facil­i­tat­ing treat­ment via mag­net­ic stim­u­la­tion.

  • Assignee(s): Neu­ro­net­ics, Inc.
  • Inventor(s): Stan­ford W. Miller
  • Tech­nol­o­gy Cat­e­go­ry: Tran­scra­nial Stim­u­la­tion
  • Issue Date: August 9, 2005

SharpBrains’ Take:

TMS treat­ments pro­ce­dures are more effec­tive and effi­cient if tar­get­ed stim­u­la­tion to the patient can be quick­ly and eas­i­ly repeat­ed, rather than blind­ly hunt­ing for the cor­rect loca­tion and ori­en­ta­tion after ini­tial dosing/ test­ing pro­ce­dures con­duct­ed to deter­mine the appro­pri­ate stim­u­la­tion field strength and loca­tion. Read the rest of this entry »

Computer modeling meets Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): Key Neurotech Patent #17

transcranial magnetic stimulation

– Illus­tra­tive image from U.S. Patent No. 6,827,681

This is a very inter­est­ing 2004 patent, assigned to Brain­lab AG,  out­lin­ing a way to use com­put­er mod­el­ing to tar­get brain stim­u­la­tion.

U.S. Patent No. 6,827,681: Method and device for tran­scra­nial mag­net­ic stim­u­la­tion.

  • Assignee(s): Brain­lab AG
  • Inventor(s): Phillipp Tan­ner, Andreas Hartlep, Hen­rik Wist, Ker­stin Wen­dicke, Thomas Weyh
  • Tech­nol­o­gy Cat­e­go­ry: Tran­scra­nial Stim­u­la­tion
  • Issue Date: Decem­ber 7, 2004

SharpBrains’ Take:

The ‘681 patent claims broad cov­er­age over the use of com­put­er mod­el­ing in tar­get­ed brain stim­u­la­tion tech­niques. Read the rest of this entry »

Study: Neuroscientists pinpoint the brain and performance impact of a (perceived) judgmental audience

brain_scans_anxietyWhy your brain makes you slip up when anx­ious (Sci­ence Dai­ly):

As musi­cians, fig­ure skaters and any­one who takes a dri­ving test will know, the anx­i­ety of being watched can have a dis­as­trous effect on your per­for­mance…

In the new study, pub­lished in Sci­en­tif­ic Reports, par­tic­i­pants’ brain activ­i­ty was mon­i­tored while Read the rest of this entry »

Non-invasive brain stimulation in children creates opportunities and risks

TMSvtDCSBrain Stim­u­la­tion in Chil­dren Spurs Hope—and Con­cern (Sci­en­tif­ic Amer­i­can):

The idea of using mag­nets or elec­tric cur­rents to treat psy­chi­atric or learn­ing dis­or­ders — or just to enhance cog­ni­tion — has gen­er­at­ed a flur­ry of excite­ment over the past ten years. The tech­nique is thought to work by acti­vat­ing neur­al cir­cuits or by mak­ing it eas­i­er for neu­rons to fire. The research is still in its infan­cy, but at least 10,000 adults have under­gone Read the rest of this entry »

Challenge: How to spur meaningful, targeted & safe adoption of emerging neurotechnologies

neuroelectrics_capA cap that treats depres­sion? Check the sci­ence before get­ting excit­ed (The Guardian):

Yes­ter­day, an arti­cle in the Entre­pre­neurs sec­tion of the Guardian pur­port­ed to reveal a “cloth cap that could help treat depres­sion”. This claim has caused some alarm in the neu­ro­science and men­tal health fields, so it’s impor­tant to look a lit­tle more close­ly at what the man­u­fac­tur­ers are actu­al­ly claim­ing. Read the rest of this entry »

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