#14 Brain Teaser: Party For Polyglots

We are delight­ed to intro­duce you to Puz­zle Mas­ter Wes Car­roll who has gra­cious­ly cre­at­ed a few new puz­zles to bend all those sharp brains out there! Wes aspires to the Renais­sance ide­al of excel­lence in mul­ti­ple fields: he is the head of Do The Math pri­vate tutor­ing ser­vices, Puz­zle Mas­ter for the Ask A Sci­en­tist lec­ture series, and an inter­na­tion­al­ly tour­ing per­former and teacher of music. Find out more at wescarroll.com.Party For Polyglots.Question:Of the 100 peo­ple at a recent par­ty, 90 spoke Span­ish, 80 spoke Ital­ian, and 75 spoke Mandarin.At least how many spoke all three languages?

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