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7. Opening the Debate

Highlights from Section 7:  Opening the Debate

The goal of this guide is to inform you, but also to stimulate discussion. In this final chapter we want to provide you, the ambassadors of brain fitness and lifelong learning, with additional food for though.


Why social engagement can boost brain function: the case for “walking book clubs”

In a recent study, the benefit from social interaction was as great as the benefit from intellectual activities! This is a very exciting result considering that participants engaged in discussion for only 10 minutes. What if you combine social interaction and intellectual activities — such as a book club? Keep reading.


Book club discussion guide: 10 questions to work on our collective brain fitness

The SharpBrains Guide combines expert, independent advice with 18 in-depth interviews with scientists to present a thought-provoking and informative perspective on the importance of brain fitness. Here you can find 10 stimulating questions for your next book club. Keep reading.

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